Monday, October 24, 2016

Arrgh! Do ye be wantin' my inchie?

There is this really great guy who works at our school.  Whenever the local Krispy Kreme donut place has a "pirate" day, he dresses up and has his whole family dress up to go get a free dozen donuts.  Last time with all his grand-kids he got ELEVEN dozen donuts!!  So what do you do with that many donuts?  He took them to the nursing home and shared most of them.  As I said he is a great guy.

This little guy won't get me any donuts, but that's okay.  Our inchie word was pirates.  Maybe he will tell me where is treasure is buried . . . 

I am having an argument with this site.  It will not let me put the cursor under my inchie to write.  Why???  Oh well, I shall sign off up here.  Even if I don't want it that way.  Hope you are having a great day.  I am finally finished with most of my school work and so now on to more enjoyable pursuits.  See you!
Ahoy, matie!


  1. Well shiver me timbers, that a scary looking pirate!


  2. He does look fierce! He's great - very well drawn and I love your story of the donut pirate guy - what a lovely man. It's always heart warming to hear of such kind and fun people.

  3. Super little pirate, Cathy, especially with the peg leg. I loved reading the story about the donut man! What a great person to take the time to be so caring.

  4. Your pirate is scary. I would run away when I would see him at the beach.

  5. Fabulous pirate and a lovely story about the donut man.

  6. I don't know - I think your pirate is great and certainly worthy of donuts - yum krispy kreams


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