Saturday, October 1, 2016

Finally . . . FALL!!

    The weather outside is a crisp cool temperature.  The leaves - oh well - that is another story.  Because of our severe drought, our leaves are falling, but only because they are dying.  No pretty colors.  I wonder if there will be any.  Likely not.  Our rainfall is 14 inches below our normal.  But back to the temps - they are so pleasant!  I love this time of year.  Bring on the hot chocolate and pumpkin spiced everything!
     Here is my inchie for the week - briefcase. 
     I have one more week til fall break.  Yahoo!  Our fall break this year is only two days (plus weekend).  Not like our normal week, but hey, time off is time off.  I am not complaining. 
     I have it in my head to have a garden come spring.  So I am browsing pinterest to find out everything I can.  I have no luck with growing things.  I can kill a silk plant!  Seriously.  So we shall see if can actually grow anything or just read about it.   I would be a disappointment to my wonderful grandfather.  He could touch a plant and it would grow.  He grew fields of vegetables just to give away to the neighborhood.  My grandmother would put up things, but most of it was given away.  I miss being able to go back home and return with a trunk full of produce!
     Have a wonderful day and thanks for stopping by for a visit. 


  1. love the detail in your inchie and good luck with the garden, I would love to have your grandfathers touch. I can kill a plant just by looking at it. LOL

  2. lovely inchie - great colouring - I'd love fall a lot more if it wasn't followed by a Canadian winter! I think gardens outside are hard to kill - even I could grow things - nothing like tomatoes fresh off the plant - my mum had a green thumb too, but me not so much -- have fun dreaming! and then plant in the spring


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