Saturday, September 24, 2016

Good morning!

     I hope everyone is having a blessed day!  I am just feeling happy because it is a much needed week-end.  What a long week this has been!  Not a bad one necessarily, just l . . o . . n . . g!  I need a holiday.  Our weather remains very hot and humid.  I cannot wait to have some bit of cooler temps.  It is fall, after all, right?

     Again I am two inchies behind.  I will stay caught up!  The first one is for the word sky.  Rather simple, but I like it.  The other is for the word infinity.  I found this picture on a google search.  It is a bit different than what usually is an infinity symbol.
      I have been captivated by the night constellation works by Samantha Taylor.  So I had to give it a go.  These were so much fun!

     I also have spent a lot of time working on pages for a coloring book I am doing - yep, that was my surprise project.  It is an adult style with lots of tangling.  Our school deals a lot with character ed and the lifeskills.  So this is going to be sort of related to that.  I will show you more when it is ready - my goal is around December.  It will be sold through Amazon.  I am excited!  But working it in around school and everything else is rough.
     The search for a new doctor is on again.  I cannot stand the one I am going to.  She has been a major pain since day one and I should have done this sooner.  I just don't want to deal with her any longer.
     Enough said.  Have a wonderful day!  If you have cool temps where you are or rain, could you email me some?  We need a long rainy weekend to end our drought.  Bye, now!


  1. what lovely artwork this week. Love the swirls in your sky and such an interesting infinity sign. Your constellation pictures are gorgeous. Good luck on the colouring book!

  2. your constellation works are AMAZING! I adore that it looks like the tangles are peeking out of the sky. I really like the sky inchie as well. I cant wait for the coloring book to come out. Good luck on the Dr search. A good one is worth gold, a bad one is worth a kick in the a$$. Mine almost killed me! Have a great one


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