Friday, August 8, 2014


     I have had these pieces done all week, but no time (or energy) to post them.  This was the week at school where I had to move furniture - lots of it - and clean.  And then clean and move some more.  The room is finally beginning to take some sort of shape.  It better - only two more teacher in-service days to go!  I am getting excited about this year. 
     Every Inchie Monday's word was "privacy".  So here you go, a little door that clearly says Do Not Disturb.  I will take that sign for my door!
     Diva's challenge was to do some tiny - 2 inch tiles - in honor of the newest Zentangle tiles, Bijou.  I drew some 2" tiles on to my page and did them.  The only reason I didn't do the actual size is that I have made an accordian fold booklet to put some of the challenges I do in and they wouldn't work if I made them only 2 inches. 
      Journal 52 had a prompt for week 29 - "Fashion".  I am still behind on the weeks.  I love comfortable clothes and sneakers.  I enjoy looking at pretty fashions, but they are really not my style.  However one thing I love is boots.  Now I have never owned a pair of boots.  Well, I have.  But I couldn't wear them.  As a teen we tried to find boots to fit me.  No luck.  I wanted boots so bad I could cry, but never had the chance to get some.  You see, I have very large calves.  Always have.  I also have very small feet - size 4 1/2.  Yep.  Small.  I can wear a child's shoe with no problems.  My graduation shoes from high school had to be white.  Mom and I searched all over town and finally ended up going to Sears and purchasing me a pair of white shoes - from the children's section, with a picture of Winnie the Pooh on the inside.  I made my parents promise that no matter what happened to me on graduation night that under no circumstances would they let my shoes come off in public! 
Week 29
     Better go now.   Have a great weekend and thanks for dropping by.


  1. I do like your Bijou's, like the tangles you have chosen. Your 'private' made me smile.

  2. Your do not disturb sign is perfect for the word privacy. I love your little bijou tiles, especially the one with mooka and btl joos.

  3. The cutest private inchie and pretty twinchies. I like doing that too - drawing the twinchie outlines on a page. I know what you mean about calves in boots (I would have to get them stretched).

  4. Cute little pieces of art. Love your private sign on the door.

  5. love the inchie! so much detail. I Feel for your issues with boots. I do have issues with shoes as well, mine is the opposite. I have big feet! i mean BIG feet, I have since I was in Jr High. I always had to go to the adult shoes.

  6. Love it all, Cathy. Your inchie was put together so much more politely than mine HAHA! Your journal page is fun and your Bijou is a great idea done that way.

  7. your do not enter sign is awesome!!!!


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