Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Duotangle for Diva's Challenge

      A duotangle uses only two tangles.  This week Diva challenged us to do a duotangle that used our initials.  Not far to look for my choices. C.  That's it - just C.  C for Cathy.   C for Cusson.  Fortunately there are lots of great choices that start with a C.
     For the first try I used Chard by Linda Farmer and Crescent Moon, which is an official zentangle.  I absolutely love chard.  I use it whenever I can.  It is a favorite go-to tangle.

     Then for number two, I started out with my new absolute favorite - chainging.  That is such a fun tangle.  I also added in some chirps by Jennifer Hohensteiner. 

     Thanks for dropping by and visiting.  Please leave me some sunshine and I hope you have a blessed day. 


  1. Two nice tangles. I especially like the chainging and Chirps. Chirps is new to me but it looks like fun. (I copied it into my little black book for future use,)

  2. Both are beautiful; I love the way you have drawn Crescent Moon.

  3. Both are very lovely! Great choice of the "C" tangles!

  4. These are wonderful "C" tangles, Cathy. I also like how you used Crescent Moon and I love the Changing too.

  5. Nice tiles. I particularly like the second one.


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