Sunday, May 18, 2014

Samsill Products Review

     First off, I don't use an i-pad for personal use.  I have a droid tablet which I love.  However I do have an i-pad for my classroom.  Every class in our school has one and then there are some to check out to use. 
      At first glance the  Fashion I-pad Holder by Samsill seems very sturdy and well built.  The stitching is secure.  It is also thick and heavy which I like better than the standard covers our school tablets have on them.  I feel like this would be great on all our tablets, as I have seen at least two of them with cracked screens.  This extra sturdiness might prevent that.  However for late night in the bed reading it might be a little too heavy for my hands.

      The cover has two "grooves" built in to adjust to different views.  It also is a very pretty debossed diamond texture.  The color of mine is a pretty royal blue - although it may come in some other colors.  It is also usable for i-pads of the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th generations.
      All the openings on the i-pad are easy to use with none of them being covered.  I was able to use all the buttons and plug-ins without any interference.
      Personally, I love this cover.  It is a fashionable "pretty" cover for my "boring" school tablet!  I wish it worked with my droid tablet because I love the color!  I am not sure how it will hold up to the "kid-testing" it will receive.  It needs to be rugged and easy to clean.  It seems to be, but after a year's use, will it look as gorgeous as it does now?

     I love notebooks.  That probably should read I can be a bit obsessive about notebooks.  I have notebooks for everything at school.  Each subject, different classes, you name it.  I also have more than my fair share at home also.  I use notebooks for my art work.  I also will not buy a notebook if it isn't a D-ring.  So I feel qualified to say I like this notebook by Samsill.  The nice burgundy color appeals to me.  I decided right away it would become the new home to my Journal 52 entries.  All I had at the time when I started them was a purple one.  This looks a bit classier.  I plan on taking some paint markers to the cover and adding the date.  It is advertised as oversized so that things don't overhang the cover.  That is a plus too since it will house my art work.  The notebook is 1" in size, holds around 250 pages and has a unique curved spine.  The notebook itself has a vinyl covered chipboard cover.  I am not sure that would hold up to rough handling, but since mine won't have that issue it is okay.  It does feel a bit "flexible", but I didn't push the matter since I really didn't want to bend it.  If you need a notebook for something, it might be worth investigating this notebook by Samsill since you can buy in quantity with a bit of a discount.

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