Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Duo challenge - Punzel and Well

     When I saw the two tangles Diva chose for us this week, I almost said no way.  Seriously.  I struggle with Punzel.  Well isn't much different.  But I decided to hassle with them anyway.  As usual, when I dig in and work out a challenge, I come away with a different attitude about a tangle.  I actually enjoyed working with punzel.  That fact sort of amazes me since I had avoided it in the past.  I can honestly say I don't feel any differently about well.  It just doesn't feel right to me.  What do you think?  Where am I going wrong?
     The next tile is for Adele Bruno's string challenge - which I love.  This challenge took a string I love and added 4 tangles I love - beadlines, beeline, beelite, and my very favorite tangle betweed.  Lots of fun here.   My only complaint is I grabbed the wrong gray marker for beeline.  Wish I had grabbed a slightly lighter one. 
     Well, it is late and I am tired.  I had to stay late at school today and that exhausts me.  Bedtime will be earlier tonight!  Thanks for dropping by and leaving me a comment or two!


  1. Beautiful duo tangle challenge tile! You really mastered Punzel! :)

  2. Your Punzel is great! I really struggle with that one!

  3. I tried for ages to get punzell to go in a circle - I've got it now thanks to you! Cheers.

  4. I also have big problems with Punzel and accidentally used Chaining, which has the same problem.
    I also almost said 'no' to this challenge.
    You did very 'well', it was very courageous to draw Punzel in a circle and you managed to do that!!!!

  5. Your Punzel is very nicely done and I love it in a circle. The string challenge is also very nice and has nice contrasts and great shading.

  6. both tiles are lovely. i also have difficulties with punzel, guess that's why it was such a good choice for a challenge.

  7. You were brave to make Punzel a circle, You did a great job.


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