Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Quick post

   Seriously.  A quick one.  I need to get some more school work done tonight, but I wanted to get this posted.  I hope your week is going great and thank you so much for dropping by.  I have something exciting planned for tomorrow evening - I will share soon!
Challenge #151 - Moebius strip
Dare #88
Another dare #88, January Gray skies
   Again, have a great week!


  1. Nice work, Cathy. I especially like the first Zendala; it's lovely. So many of us have gravitated to Paradox and/or Betweed for this template.

  2. They're all lovely but I think I like that last Zendala best...it really captures a grey January sky...and makes it beautiful. Axxx

  3. I love this zendala, it is screeming Paradox, isn't it? I also used it.

    1. Your logo of Moebius Syndrome is also very beautiful!

  4. Both are lovely! I see paradox in more results! :)

  5. All are very lovely! Especially I like your second zendala. It´s gorgeous!

  6. All of these are really nice, but I am really drawn to the last one as it is quite unique. I love the texture on those grey sections.

  7. I like the simplicity of the moebius symbol and background.

  8. All these are great, I'm especially taken with Dare #88, your paradox fest!


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