Sunday, January 19, 2014

Arrival . . . sort of

     There were times this week I was not sure today would ever get here!  What a mentally exhausting week.  I didn't get to teach - all those great plans I had done before Christmas break - instead I tested.  I honestly don't mind testing.  Even strangely enough I rather enjoy the one on one time with a child.  But.  My job this week was to help classroom teachers get their testing done.  It is a one on one reading assessment (DIBELS) that we give three times a year.  By the end of the week I had tested close to 200 children.  Quite an endeavor.  Then about mid week, I found out about a major schedule change for me . . .  not a bad one, just change.  I have said often enough how my system handles change (not well).  I do have a three day week end and have been blessed with Tuesday at school to get ready to start the new plans.  We shall see.  In a few weeks, I will be rolling with this one - I hope.
     Every Inchie Monday's word was 'brown".  I cut several pieces of different brown papers I have into strips.  Then I wove them together.  Then I punched out an inch of this woven paper.  Bad idea.  Next time glue all the little ends together - lol!  After taking care of "loose ends", I used a rub on sticker of an acorn.  It looked too bland so I went searching and found a twig that was also a sticker.  Voila!  It is complete.
      The journal prompt last Monday was "Somewhere - a simple place".  I have mulled it over all week.  I knew in my brain exactly what I wanted the idea to be.  I just didn't have time or an idea how to accomplish it.  I knew it had to have a map of the place where I grew up.  I could tell you where every tree is on that farm ( I climbed most of them).  It was not only a simple place, but a simple time.  Parents dealt with the worries and we just played.  Not inside on a computer or video game, but out in the fields and woods.  Mom felt safe with us out there.  She should.  Most of the time we were trailed by some wonderful large canine companion who would make sure their charges were safe.  There were watermelon patches to "rob" and fruit trees all over the place.  We built forts and secret places.  My very simple map does not do justice to the wonder of this place.  I doubt I will ever get to go back there - separated by several states - and even if I did I am sure progress would have changed it.  But sometimes, when I need a secret place, I go to there in my mind.  That is what I wanted this page to accomplish.  I am not sure it does.  But either way here it is.

     I hope your week is awesome!  I plan on making mine just that - awesome!  Thanks for dropping by and leaving me some comment sunshine!


  1. I don't envy you all that testing! Love your inchie - can't resist acorns!!

  2. A brilliant arrangement on the inchie. Love it.

  3. Love your acorn inchie & also that we are sharing journal 52 time!


  4. i love the look of the inchie, so great!

  5. ooo Fantastic inchie, love all the textures! x

  6. I really like your inchie. I was thinking of weaving paper too but didn't so I am grateful for the tip. I like your Journal52 page also. You put a lot of work into that one.

  7. A fabulous inchie, I love the woven background.
    xxx Hazel.

  8. I absolutely LOVE your inchie. It is exactly the type of art I want to create. I love mixed media like this and this inspires me.

  9. Sounds like a very busy time for you. Pleased you found time to make this wonderful inchie

    Love Chrissie x


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