Friday, January 31, 2014

Art Journal weeks 3 and 4

    I have had so much fun with this art journal group from Facebook - Journal 52.  I have often thought of an art journal, but never really had the inspiration.  Well, all that is solve with this group.  We get a new prompt every week.  I am really enjoying it.  My work isn't quite as awesome as some I have seen, but then again, I like what I have done and I am having fun, so that is what counts, isn't it?
    Week 3 the prompt was "You Make Me Smile".  What makes me smile?  I have lots of reasons and things that bring me joy.  The problem was deciding what to use.  Looking through some pictures for another reason I found this picture of Lakota taken back in the summer when he was enjoying the grass and the summer sunshine.  He looked like he was laughing to me.  He certainly makes me smile and laugh.  I painted the background, used my cricut for some accents and lettering.  Then I found some old mylar paper that I thought would be perfect for the balloons.  Here you go - one of my reasons to smile.
       "Building Character" was the week 4 prompt.  We had to include a character on our page.  I knew from the start I wanted to tangle the hair.  But should I attempt a realistic portrait?  I am okay with faces.  Not bad, just not stellar.  I do enjoy cartooning.  So my decision was made - cartoon it was.  I drew the face and colored it with pencils.  Then I collaged her dress and again went to the cricut for letters.  Then I tangled away on her hair adding words here and there that I felt described my character.  I didn't realize until a ways into it that she reminded me of those troll dolls I had as a kid.  I had an entire box of those wild, multi-colored hair dolls.  They were one of my favorites. 
       Last week I got to go out with a friend to Artsy U.  They are an art studio and you sign up for a certain painting then they step you through the work.  It was awesome fun.  I also got to visit with someone I hadn't seen in a long time so that was great too.  Here we are with our Van Goghs, who I really don't think is in any danger of losing his claim to fame to us.
     I still have one more post to write.  I put it into two groups since there were so many things to include.  That is what happens when I am (blissfully) snowed in and have no where to be.  Oh joy!  Thanks for dropping by and visiting. 

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