Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A Couple of Extra Days and A Lot More Creating!

      I did get those extra days from school I was talking about last post.  Yahoo!  I got to pull out the pens, tangle some, and then check out the first entry into Journal 52 prompts.  All the while sipping by beloved hot cocoa.  In my very warm house with the sun shining and the ground sparkling - no white at all - I think why am I not in school?  Then I have to open the back door to let Lakota out for a few minutes and boom!  I am hit with 7 degree temperatures and know immediately why I was tucked in a warm bed at six this morning.  And am filled with deep gratitude for those administrators that make such decisions. 
      Speaking of gratitude (don't you love my lead in?), Bright Owl asked us to think of something we were grateful for and incorporate it into our template.  We could do this however we chose.  I chose to do a simple drawing and list the most important 3 things in my life.  Inside of template complete, I started tangling.  I had finished two sections and was feeling very pleased with my efforts when low and behold there it was - a bobble!  Oh no!  What to do?  Throw my lovely away and start again?  I couldn't bear to.  Post it and yet again say, there is a goof on this one.  That was what I did.  So here is my template - goof and all.  Even with the goof, I still really like this one.
     Diva's first challenge was to celebrate the new year with a tile.  I wrote the numbers down several times, erased and tried them again.  I just couldn't get happy with how they looked.  I could've pulled out my cricut and cut a stencil, but it was getting close to clean up time and to do that I would need to rearrange my workspace.  (Oh, to have a dedicated scrapbooking/tangling/creative space!)  So I grabbed some rubber stamps and solved the problem.
      A new creative endeavor for me this year is Journal 52.  I love the look of art journals, but have not really gotten involved in making one.  We are given a weekly prompt and however we want to use that prompt is up to us.  I love the random, free-spirited look of collage art work.  That however is not me.  Maybe I will give it a try later on.  Maybe.  The prompt was "Up, Up, Away".   I had several thoughts - eagles were high on my list.  I love eagles, thanks to my last year's class and their affection for them.  But a dream of mine has always been to ride in a hot air balloon (and on an elephant, but that is another story).  I know if ever given the chance I would probably decline due to fear.  I have never been in a plane for that very reason.  Even with the fear factor, I do think to float in a hot air balloon would be thrilling (after the panic attack subsided).
     Hope your week is going well and the weather isn't too harsh where you are.  Thanks for coming by to visit.  Your comments make my day!


  1. Wonderful pieces! Especially I like your beautiful zendala! Also I like your journal page! Very nicely done!

  2. Very nice, all of them. I really like your journal page. I would go with you on a hot air balloon (never been) but I don't think I would on an elephant!

  3. All of your work is very nicely done! I'm doing the Journal 52 also, but have just started working on my cover and first page.

  4. Like them all. I can't see a goof in the first one, just a great tile!

  5. love the Zendala... faith, home and family.. what else is more important?

  6. All the art pieces you posted this week are just awesome! I love your journal piece. Would love to join you in that hot air baloon! Happy New Year!

  7. Nice job. I did not see any error, but many times, it stands out to us because we know where it is. I like to be creative to see what I can do to integrate it into the piece. I like the thing that they stress in training that there are no errors, only unplanned opportunities.

  8. Oh Cathy, I nearly boggled my eyes looking for your 'bobble' - still didn't find it!! I love all your pieces but as I have a secret ambition to go up in a hot air balloon, that's my favourite! Axxx

  9. It's really a great zendala, I like it a lot and the others are beautiful too, I like the tangles in your challenge, a good choise.
    Stay in your warm house and id you have to go out, take care!!!

  10. Love your new years work! I also enjoyed a couple of extra days of school vacation with the cold! It was great!

  11. Your work is beautiful. It is said that the Amish quilt makers will intentionally make a mistake in their work, or a "bobble" if you will, because only God is perfect therefore it would be prideful to make a perfect quilt. I have also heard that buddihst believe something similar. If Zentangle was meant to be perfect, it wouldn't be relaxing. So accept those little bobbles as a piece of the whole and move on. No one but you will ever see them or think of them as a mistake!

    1. What nice thoughts! Thank you so much for sharing.


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