Monday, December 23, 2013

Master Caster Product Reviews

     Thank you for checking out my blog and reading my first product reviews.  Let me know if you have used any of these products and what you think.  I do not work for this company so the opinions are my own.

Microfiber Gloves

   Honestly I had never given much thought about whether gloves worked on a touchscreen device.  It never occurred to me to think about it.  Then one extremely cold morning on car duty at our school, I pulled out my phone to check the time (when can I get inside and get warm?).  I turned my phone on and swiped.  And swiped.  No luck.  That was when I had an aha moment.  Gloves don't work on touchscreens.  So I pulled off my gloves and used the phone.  Along came a request for a review from Master Caster about their smarter gloves.  Would they work as promised?
   The package said that the soft microfibers would gently clean touchscreens without causing any scratches.  I used the palm of the glove to wipe down my touch tablet.  All smudges gone and no fibers or marks left behind.  I also took a few minutes to turn on the touchscreen of my phone and tablet.  They allowed me to manipulate around the touchscreen without any problems.
   But a glove's main purpose is to keep your hands warm.  The other elements are great but warmth on a cold morning is more important than operating my phone.  Did they work to keep my fingers toasty?  I am happy to report - definitely.  I love these gloves.  They are soft to the touch (92% polyester yarn and 8% stainless steel yarn).  They work on touchscreens.  The only problem?  They fit my brother and I may not get them back.  I see another pair in my future.
    If you decide to buy a pair - and you should think about it - they are washer safe, but do not use fabric softener or dryer sheets.  My guess is that might interfere with the anti static quality of the gloves.  The company guarantees the gloves for one year after purchase date and promises to replace any defective gloves at no charge.

Rolling Wrist Rest

     The next product I looked at was a rolling device that is to be used to help reduce joint stress for computer mouse users.  It is a solid piece of plastic with a soft cushion where your wrist will rest.  It measures 5"w x 2 1/4"d x 5/8" h, a very comfortable fit for most desks.   It is designed to allow easy movement between the mouse and keyboard.  On the bottom there are 4 wheel mechanisms that have 360 degree rotation independent of each other. 
     I opened the package and read the back.  I could see where this would be a very comfortable item to have for my wrists when I am at the computer for long periods of time.  I frequently suffer with very tired hands after time gaming or working.  Then I took a second look.  I know where this will work for me even better!  I am a tangler (an artist who spends lots of time drawing).  Would this work to lighten the tension for my hands there?  Oh yes.  It rolls along smoothly and doesn't get in the way.  It is comfortable and allows me to draw with less tension.  So while there are computer pictures all over the package and that is its primary design, if you are into drawing you might want to look into this little gadget to give your hand the rest it needs.

Furniture Touch Up Kit

     This furniture restoring kit comes with 5 touch up markers and 3 filler sticks.  The package says it can be used on walnut, dark mahogany, cherry, red mahogany, mahogany, dark oak, light oak, and natural finished woods.  It also can be used on wood and wood laminates.
     The back of the package outlines the easy steps - apply the marker color to minor scratches, worn edges, blemishes, and imperfections.  Repeat as you need to.  If the scratch is deep or is a nail hole or crack, use the filler stick.  The marker will then be used over top of the filler.  Quickly wipe off the marker or filler with a clean, lint free cloth.
     Now to find something to try this out on.  I decided on my great grandmother's doll case.  It has several marks as a result of "aging".  After wiping off the area, I chose a marker that seemed close to the right color.  I had to color over it several times before I saw any color.  From a distance the mark seemed to disappear, but close up the marks are still apparent.
     I do some framing of the art work I do and I could see this coming in handy to touch up a scratch on a frame.  I wouldn't say it makes those imperfections "disappear", but then again they are a lot less noticeable.  

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