Friday, December 20, 2013


     It is Every Inchie Monday not every inchie "whenever".  I know this.  But I have worked so hard to complete all the Christmas gifts for people at school and then when I wasn't working, I was being very sick with a stomach virus.  Anyway now that the holiday is over, maybe I will have a moment to relax and get back in the challenge swing.  I hope.  The word this week was "Joy".  There were so many ideas I had - which to choose?  I decided on one of my favorite thoughts with the word joy.  It is a rather simple inchie, but I am very fond of it.

     Dare #83 was to do something "wintery".  Our weather around here has been so back and forth - warm, cold, cool, who knows?  How parents can dress their little ones for school is amazing to me since it changes not only daily, but hourly.  I wanted to make my tile look cold so I tried using the tangle, "frosty".  I think when I have time I may go back and add some color.  Maybe.
Winter Sky

     Here are the two Christmas presents I have been talking about.  My assistant principal loves zebras and so I chose to do one for her office.  The peace sign is for the school secretary.  The moment I saw this idea on pinterest, I knew I had to come up with a design for her - it practically screamed her name!
     Now off to do something else!  What?  I am not sure.  Maybe just sit and stare at my sketch pad for a few minutes.  Hope your week is awesome and you have a very Merry Christmas! 


  1. what a neat inchie. I think I have heard this before, but to see it like this is awesome. Great job,

  2. All are beautiful, but the zebra is my favorite!

  3. Love your inchie and your zantangles. The zebra is brilliant.


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