Monday, September 2, 2013

Back in Action

     School has officially started.  Well, it officially started about a week ago, but the children are now in the building.  I love seeing all my old friends and marvel at how they have grown over the summer.  Because of my new position as an eip reading teacher, I haven't had a classroom full of children yet and that feels really strange.  That is probably the only thing I am not totally loving about the job.  I have spent the last week or so testing to qualify kids.  Not my favorite thing in the world to do.  Beginning tomorrow - fingers crossed - I will see my groups for the first time.  I hope.  While I am still working my brain around how to plan for the groups, I am very anxious to get started.
     I wanted the inchie to be different.  The word for Every Inchie Monday was night watchman.  I decided to go with nature's night watchman, the owl. 
      From inchies to dares.  I like the look of Bright Owl's template this past week-end, but I had a terrible time making it work for me.  The predetermined shapes of flowers and hearts kept interfering with my thoughts.  For the first one, I decided to just get rid of the hearts altogether and tipple right over them.  I like them both, but I like the one without the obvious hearts the best.
     I found some interesting groups on Facebook dedicated to tangling.  Yes, I know I am way behind the times and all of you knew about these wonderful tangle groups.  But at least I am here now.  The following template comes from a group called Ornate Animal Illustrations.  This is the first template.  There is also another one - a dragonfly, but I haven't gotten him done yet.  I also found a tangled ATC swap and joined it.  I have been wanting to do this for ages, but haven't known how or what to do to get started.   The moderator of the site has been very nice and helpful and I am in.  The theme of the swap is Autumn ATCs.  So look out, you will get to see a lot of the here.
    This last piece is because - just because.  No dare or challenge or anything of the sort.  It is just because it is Labor Day Weekend and I have the time, lol! 
     Hope your day (and your week) is going great.  Thanks for dropping by and paying me a visit.  I love your comments and maybe I will have a few spare minutes to do some commenting myself this week-end.  Now it is time to dash over to the Diva's challenge and see what she has cooking.


  1. A great idea to show an owl, I love it! I love your bird tangle too!

  2. What a nice collection of art on this blog. My absolute favorite is the bird. It is great and looks so real.

  3. Your first zendala reminds me of a plate. Great shading.

  4. You were so busy, I love both zendalas but with you the one with Tipple is my favorite.
    Succes in scool, I am sure you will do great!

  5. Love your whole art display! I love that you moved away from the hearts.
    Love the inchie - what is that background?
    The flycatcher is seriously gorgeous - I looked at it for ages.
    Love the 'just because'. I have so many just be causes, I hardly publish any.... maybe should.

  6. love all the work as well, I like the owl inchie, such a great idea on it! your zentagles always impress

  7. What lovely pieces of art! Your both zendalas and the owl inchie are beautiful. Especially I love your stunning Flycatcher!! It looks so lively!

  8. Both of your zendalas are nice, but I too like the first one best. It reminds me of a decorated plate, for some reason. The owl and the zentangled bird are adorable too. I must check out those facebook groups you mentioned.

  9. I love your owl inchie - it's fabulous.
    xxx Hazel.

  10. all are very nice I am going to have to check out the Ornate Animal Illustration. Thanks

  11. I love your flycatcher. What a great way to draw him.


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