Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Time and Space

     Lots of goodies to share this post!  School is going great.  I absolutely love this new position.  It is more exciting and fun that I even dared hope for.  I can't think of one thing I would change - amazing!  I have had time to do some tangling in the afternoons when I get home and that helps me unwind.
      Every Inchie Monday's word for this week was "gate".  My first thought was the white gate that goes with a picket fence.  I had a great vision in my mind, but you know me, I love to be different!  So what about a Stargate (from a couple of my favorite old TV shows - Stargate and 'Startgate Atlantis?  "Engage, chevron" the journey begins . . . .
Stargate - SG1
      Is it really Dare #74 from the Bright Owl?  Seems like they just begun.  I love the templates and the challenges they provide.  I like my go at it, but admittedly it is not my favorite.  Maybe this weekend I can try another one.
Dare 74
      I have been busy working on several other goodies.  I finished the Prairie Warbler template for the Ornate Animal Zentangle group (Facebook) and my first set of ATCs for a "black with accent" swap beginning November 1st.  I was wondering what to do for strings on my ATCs - problem solved!  I took old templates that I hadn't gotten around to tangling and cut them in to ATC cards.  The templates provided the strings.  I love this idea and it got rid of several of my old printed templates I had stored away to tangle on "one day". 
Prairie Warbler
Black with Accents swap
     Thanks for dropping by!  I appreciate any sunshine you can leave me.  Have a great week!


  1. A Stargate! What a wonderful idea. We were watching re-runs yesterday. It's a great programme.

  2. All are wonderful! Beautiful zendala with great choice of tangles! The bird is amazing and so cute!! Also your ATC´s are great. I´m interesting for trading one! At this time I have only one printed postcard of a major sized ZIA.

  3. A great take on the theme - I love it.
    xxx Hazel.

  4. Very nice Zendala with a terrific choice of tangles! But... wow, I LOVE your warbler! 'Specially the chest and the amazing job you did with the branch it's sitting on.

  5. Wow! Love the Prairie warbler! The tangles describe him perfectly! I like your coices of tangle on the dare-I see how shading really can enhance the Zendala! Finally, what a great idea for the ATC! Great assortment of interesting tangle s with accents!

  6. I love all the things you have done, Cathy. I tried to post a comment on Facebook last night but my iPad wasn't having it. I wanted to tell you that I particularly like what you did with the wings on the warbler and the choice of tangles for the tree part is great as well.

  7. You have done a lot! I like your zendala a lot and also the other ones.

  8. I love the stargate! what an awesome movie/tv series. Cool take on the theme! I also love the bird, how cool! great stuff this week!

  9. Love your take on gate - stargate is brilliant plus your zentangles as ever are gorgeous - I am always in awe of your talent and your ATC's are just fabulous. Brilliant work and a pleasure to view it all.


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