Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Trio of Posts

     I really meant to post sooner.  I had things done, but no time to write even "here it is".  Ah well.  At least they are all three done and I had a relaxing time doing them.  That is what really counts.
     Before the challenges and dares, I need to "apologize".  I really hate those ridiculously hard to read word verification things.  Can't stand them.  Of course I still post when am on a site that uses them, afterall comments are just plain fun and I shouldn't let that stop me.  I set this up so it wouldn't use them.  Until now.   Some wonderful individual is posting spam onto my site - over and over.  Nonsense junk proving they have never seen my site.  They post up to 7 or 8 times a day.  It is very distressing.  I am told the best thing I can do is to enable word verification.  I hate that and I really hope you still will stop by and leave me a bit of sunshine.  If any one of you with more blogging experience can offer a better suggestion, I would love it.  As it is, I guess I will have to use whatever means I can to dissuade them. 

Every Inchie Monday

     Or Wednesday if you're me.  The word of the week was "wave".  I used the tangle "golven", which is Dutch for wave.  Then added a pretty gold sailboat.

Dare #47

    Erin at the Bright Owl asked us to use her template, but leave something out of it.  This sort of stumped me at first.  I do that sometimes.  I even add things sometimes.  But my mind couldn't get going with this at first.  Then I had an "a-ha" moment and here are my results.

Challenge #108 - "Whyz"

    A bit ago when this tangle was first published, I had some issues with it.  It just didn't connect with my brain.  So when I saw that it was the tangle for us to use - uh-oh!    But the more I played with it the friendlier it got.  I may find myself using this one more often.  I decided on a large "whyz" to use as my string and then filled parts of it with smaller ones.
     Again thank you for dropping by and I hope you will do battle with the word verification monster and leave a comment.  Have a great week.


  1. Love every thing you have put up. Very clever interpretation on Whyz, I must say. Sorry about the spam. You wonder what they get out of it. Anyway, no problem with word verification for a while and maybe they will go somewhere else and be a pest.

  2. Lovely! its quite a delicate tile :)

  3. A tangle within a tangle and fabulous variation!

  4. All three great, but I like the zendala most. I love the way the flower is under the ribbons.
    Great to see a Dutch word (golven) in your post :-)
    I also get more spam then before; about three a day. If that is going to be more I would also see teh need of word verification. So, no problem, I'll keep making comments.

  5. Wow love all 3 of them. great job on all of them.

  6. I seem able to get round the Spammer by not allowing Anonymous Commenting. Sorry to be brief - migraine.
    Thanks for all your encouragement
    Paula (PEP)

  7. I realy hate word verification to !!!
    but I love your work and especialy the whyz tangle!!
    very clever!

  8. Lots of wonderful work all off them are really great.

    Sorry about the problems with the posta. Sorry I can't help with a better solution

    Love Chrissie xxx


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