Saturday, March 16, 2013

A Couple of Challenges

     Finally had time this weekend to finish up a few of the tiles I had started.  It was so nice to sit and tangle for more than a few minutes here and there.  Oh, I can't wait until spring break!  Just one week away!  Yahoo!
     Diva's challenge was  . . . well, challenging.  I love the 3d look of the parallel lines.  I even feel I did them pretty well.   They have the effect I wanted.  The challenging part?  How will I put it into a tile with other elements?  I just couldn't get it with anything I liked.   Even now, it is just okay when I look at the whole picture.  I just couldn't make it "fit" with anything.  There are times I will go and look at everyone's entries before I get started - I have an idea already and don't feel like I will be swayed by looking at other's artwork.  This time, I didn't even glance at them.  Since I was desperate for an idea, I didn't think that would be a very good idea.  Now I am going to go off and see how everyone else worked the parallel columns into a tile.  Then I will "steal" a few ideas for my sketch book only.

     Love, love, love the idea of a monotangle!  It is so relaxing to just play with one tangle.  This week we had to use "Rick's Paradox".  That is a big favorite of mine.  I decided on a shamrock which I probably will end up putting on a birthday card I am making.  I make birthday cards for all the staff at school.  It is something I have done forever and really enjoy.  I sometimes will use my cricut or sometimes will use a tile I have tangled.  This one will look nice on a card.   Thanks for a great challenge, Roy.  Keep it up - these are fun.
     Now what to do with the rest of my free afternoon?  I could a) get my tangle notebook caught up, b) work on the inchie challenge, c) check and see if Bright Owl has posted her template, or d) go outside and play ball with Lakota.  Right now, he seems to be swaying the vote.

     Thank you for dropping by and also thanks for any comments you may leave.  I look forward to reading them.  Have a great week-end!


  1. cathy great job on both of these. I really like the paradox background. So I am not the only one who's dog competes with tangling for time huh?

  2. Your tile for Laura's challenge is beautiful. I know what you mean by 'what now' after drawing the challenge part. But, it worked out well.
    The monotangle is beautiful too.


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