Sunday, March 10, 2013

Monotangle Challenge #1

   Oh my! Another wonderful challenge!  Will I resist?  No, I will not.  Roy Stauffer over at Mindful-Creations has started a new challenge.  Each Thursday, he will post a monotangle for us to use.  While we could choose which tangle to use this week, I went with the one he did - "cubine".  I like this tangle and it was fun to just play with only one tangle.  There is something very nice about a monotangle.  You don't have to think about what tangle to use next, just relax and go with the flow. 
        Hope you have a great week and hope you join us with the monotangles.  It is going to be fun!


  1. Cathy Thanks for joining the adventure. I love both of your tiles. The top one is such an original idea!

  2. Both are great!!! I agree with Roy about the first one.


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