Thursday, November 29, 2012

No Strings and Some Other Things

     I had a chance to play several times with the stencils I won from the Rainbow Elephant give-a-way.  They are the one from Tangle Harmony.  If you haven't gotten them and you like doing zendalas, go get them or at least put them on your Christmas list.  I wanted them, but wouldn't buy them because I was afraid I wouldn't be able to use them - they looked complicated.  Quite the opposite.  They are absolutely serious fun!  I can't wait to have more time to play with them.  I did several, but here is the one that is my favorite. 
   Next I went to work on the template for the zendala by Bright Owl.  Erin gives us such great templates to work on.  I loved this one.  I just wish I had thought of the beautiful Christmas bells I have seen other doing!  Oh and the the daffodils!  The work that you can see over at the Bright Owl site is awesome!  Check the sidebar link to be amazed.
Dare #33
   Monday was challenge time at the Diva's site.  This time we had to draw a tile but NOT use a string.  I love the free flowing things others do, but couldn't get settled on a thought.  So . . .  I drew a triangle in the center and put in paradox.  Then I added another, and another and so on.  Just doodling trying to come up with a better idea.  When I was finished, I decided I didn't need a better idea - this was fine.  I really sort of liked it.
Challenge #97
    I had a few spare minutes waiting on supper to cook, so I worked on this next one.  Not for anything, just playing.  I did use one of Judy West's strings she has over at her site (Creative Doodling). 
    Guess that is all for this week.  See you soon and thanks for dropping by.  Oh, how could I forget?  I won the Friendship Cup and it is headed my way - how cool is that?!  I will write a whole post about that in a bit.  Stay tuned and make sure you check back by for a chance to have it come your way. 


  1. I love your lots of paradox. The nice result seems to me like a chinese kite, gorgeus.

  2. All of your tiles are beautiful. The paradox on no strings looks wonderful :)

  3. These are all beautiful Cathy! I like your linework in teh first one and the Paradox one is great.

  4. I love how paradox went wonderfully wild in this gracefully done!

  5. realy very nice. compliments to you

  6. I loved all of your tiles. The paradox tile is most interesting and appealing. Nice job.


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