Sunday, November 11, 2012

Celtic Knot # 13

    Okay.  Being a teacher, this is hard to confess.  But I clearly didn't read the directions.  Just don't tell my third graders, okay?  Judy West posted a beautiful celtic knot (as always).  I got really excited about what I wanted to do and zipped away to tangle.  Then I went back to look and see if anyone else had posted and I actually read it this time.  We were supposed to use at least one "original" design.  Oops.  Well, the fringy thing around part of the outside, I think is mine - I sort of just made it up and use it frequently as a filler or edging.  Either way, I really had fun and I certainly love this knot. 
        If you haven't checked out Judy's awesome site, head over to Creative Doodling and be prepared to be amazed.  There are some really cool things to see.
     I also had a few minutes to play around with some other things this week.  I found an old pattern book and copied Santa onto watercolor paper.  Then I tangled him.  I used watercolor pencils to finish him up.  I think he is pretty cool.  One day, I will have some fancier watercolor pencils with more color selections, but for now it is not too bad.
    I hope you are having a great week-end.  I now need to head over to the Bright Owl and see what I need to do there.  (I promise to read the post first and not dash off in excitement).  Thanks for dropping by!


  1. Nice work Cathy. I like your fringy thing.

  2. Santa is adorable!! And I love the soft colors of your Celtic knot-very pretty!

  3. Beautiful colors in both. Your Santa is great for making christmas cards.


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