Friday, November 16, 2012

A Bit of Disney

First a little reflection . . .
    Every Sunday night growing up, our family would crowd around the TV for "The Wonderful World of Disney" and all the magic it brought.
    My brother and I would rush around the house every morning to get ready for school so we could see a few minutes of the Mouseketeers club.  Oh Cubby and Bobby were divine! "M - i - c  - see you real soon . . ."
    The moment a Disney movie hit the big screen, the four of us - mom, dad, Ray and I - would head out to see it.  Ray's favorite was "The Jungle Book".  I love Winnie anything!
    When Disney World in Orlando opened, my family packed up our camper and headed to Florida.  It was a trip filled with awesome memories.  Disney opened in October and we went down on the following Christmas.  Everything was wonderful - however the lines were "miles" long.  Then you would stand for what seemed like hours and just as you got to the entrance, some freshly scrubbed guy would say, "sorry we just broke down".  It got to be a joke - okay, a frustrating one. 
    We had an 8mm home projector and Dad cam home one day with a big surprise - he had gotten a copy of the original "Steamboat Willie".   From that moment on, every time the projector came out, we begged to see that cartoon.
     There have been Disney character stuffed animals, games, toys, you name it.  I grew up with Disney and took many an imagination filled "trip" with those friends.

Thank you for such a wonderful guest post over at the Diva's.  It was loads of fun - actually, I spent more time looking around at cartoon characters and quotes and such than I did drawing, but that's okay.  I had a blast.
     Thank you for stopping by ad indulging my ramblings.  Hope your imagination is never limited and your dreams go on forever.  Have a great week-end.


  1. Love your Disney memories and your Zia tribute.
    Courtney Frantz

  2. "That's all folks!" Great memories, well portrayed.

  3. Great! You have a lot of Disney memories, thank you for sharing.

  4. cathy - i loved your memories! they pretty much match mine. except most of mine started in 1971 when the park opened. i was there for opening day and been literally probably 100 times since then. what a magical, wonderful place! and i love the quote by walt you used!

  5. The combination is really a wonderful tribute to Disney!


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