Friday, December 7, 2012

Three Ways to Have Fun!

     The three ways, you ask?  Why it is the Diva's challenge, Bright Owl's dare and the celtic knot from Creative Doodling!  Check out the sidebar and join all the fun yourself!  I love these things to make me step up to the plate and learn!  I do wish sometimes I had lots more time to devote to the process, but am thankful for time I do have.
     Diva wanted us to use the tangle, Keenees.  This one wasn't hard to do at all . . . I just couldn't get inspired.  I wanted it to look like a lot of bubbles bursting out of a bag or machine.  It doesn't do that at all.  I hope to give this one another go this week end.  But in case I don't, here goes.
The Bubble Machine
     I love the template from Erin at the Bright Owl.  It has SO much potential for using again and again.  Right now, with all that is going on at school, one "again" is all I can do!  But just wait until Christmas break and all my free time!  Wheeeee!

     Judy wanted us to try our hand at our own design - a continuous line celtic knot.  This was exactly what I have been wanting the "excuse" to do.  Each afternoon on the way home from school I have been captivated by the lights that our small town has put on the poles along the street.  There is this really cool light shaped like a tree on every other pole.  As we drive along I have been "drawing" it in my mind.  Well, this was perfect to try to do a continuous line!  It took a few tries, but I really loved this one. 
          Have a great week and thanks for dropping by! 


  1. Bubbles of keenees....fantastic!

  2. You still got a lot done Cathy with your limited time, I too, am waiting (rather desperately) for the end of year break. All of your pieces look great - really like the direction you have taken the celtic challenge - this sounded like a fun one to do!

  3. You have been busy Cathy. All three challenges look good. I love what you have done with my Celtic challenge, very interesting.

  4. Great, all three, but I especially like your zendala.


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