Saturday, October 20, 2012


     The Diva's challenge (#91)  was to do something to honor Beads of Courage.  This is a fantastic program that offers beads to families that are facing medical challenges with their children.  For every obstacle they overcome (shots, hospital visits, tests run, etc) they add a bead to their strand.  I had to go to the website and check it out and then I had to recommend this to several people at school. 
     For my challenge, I thought of several good ideas - my own encounter six years ago with diabetes was a possibility.  But I couldn't remember all the "pokes and prods".  I thought of a life map.  But whew!  I am so busy with other things that may have to wait.  But it is something I want to give a try.  I finally decided on making a string of beads for every year I have taught.  I have been in the school system for nearly 36 years, but only teaching for 35.  So you will see 35 beads on my string.  However the last one - this year - isn't finished so I decided to not complete the bead. 
     I really like this because it is so personal.  It has a lot of memories on that strand.  I think now that it is scanned I will possibly add some color.  I can't decide, what do you think?  Color or black and white?
     Hope you are having a lovely day and thank you for your comments!  I also want to say thank you for the people who decided to follow my blog!  I remember when I started and was afraid no one would bother to read this - I even cajoled my wonderful assistant principal (Amy, that's you!) to follow it so it wouldn't look so empty over there!  Now I have 23!!  Whoopee!


  1. What a great idea making your very own bead of courage strand - love it - and like how the last is still a work in progress. B&W or color? would be lovely either way. Might be fun to keep adding to it each year and see where it goes? I subscribe to your blog in my feed reader - would hate to miss one of your posts both for the art but also enjoy what you write - always find food for thought in the posts.

    1. Oh my, how nice of you to say you enjoy my writing! You have made my day! As for adding to the strand - whew! Thirty six years may not get much more added to it, lol.

  2. Very nice, Cathy :) I really like the story behind your design. I often struggle whether to add colour or not - particularly on a really detailed design - I'm sure it will look lovely regardless.

  3. A great idea and you have worked it out beuatifully. I would chose not to add color, but .... it's up to you.

  4. How nice, and a great idea. To start with, I didn't realise that there was an unfinished bead, It looks as if it has tassles on it.


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