Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Motion Sickness!

    I hope all my friends out there are safe and dry during this storm that has bombarded our coast.  My thoughts go out to all who are directly affected by Sandy.  It has made our weather much colder, but other than that not too difficult.
   Challenge #93 had us using the new official tangle, Bunzo.  Wow! This is a fun one. I couldn't figure out what do for a string, so I looked through Tangle Patterns wealth of strings and chose one.  Then I thought I would just put a few of these little "bunzos" down in the corner.  Yeah, right,  I drew a few. Drew a few more.  Drew a few more.  The string was disappearing.  Add a few more here.  Some there.  Well, you get the picture.  My string was gone!  And I had to force myself to quit.  I nearly tangled the whole tile (and maybe off to the tabletop!).  This is a really addicting tangle.  I love it!  You do kind of get motion sickness when you are going, though.  I think I would have named this tile - "potato chip".  Remember the commercial that said you couldn't eat just one?  Well, who can draw just one?  Not me.  I dare you to try!
Motion Sickness
    The Bright Owl dare was a beautiful template this week.  It looks like a stained glass window.  I want to do another one when I have time and color it like stained glass.  My one day folder grows and grows. 
Dare #29
    I hope everyone has a safe and happy week.  Thanks for dropping by and as always thank you for your comments.  Also thanks and hello to my new friends this week! 


  1. Kathy, I love your Bunzo tile and I agree, it is addictive. Looks
    like buttons floating through the air.

  2. Ha-ha know exactly what you mean - glad you let if flow it's a beautiful bunzo tile

  3. You did a great job with Bunzo. I love the playfulness of the whole.

  4. Buttons and thread connecting with bunzo as an exotic material all fits beautifully together.

  5. Both tiles are beautiful. Very creative to use buttons on a string connecting with bunzo. The zendala has a great combination of tangles.

  6. It looks as if the buttons are trying to keep Bunzo under control. Very nice tile.

  7. The bunzo with buttons looks terrific. Love the little touch of red!

  8. Love your first tangly!

  9. Your bunzo reminds of ceramic pieces with the variation in the sections and the highlighting. Nice effect


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