Thursday, October 4, 2012

Lots of variety today

     I seem to be in full swing at school.  I am having a really great year - great group!  I do wish I could get settled into more of a routine.  I suppose that will happen.  I decided to wait and post when I had all three challenges and dare done.  I guess I am not too wordy today.

Challenge #88

  This challenge was to use the tangle sankegg.  I took heart when I looked at the other posts about this one.  It seems I am not the only one struggling with this tangle. It was just plain hard for me.  If it weren't for my determination not to miss a challenge, this one almost caused me to abandon hope!    I decided to not get fancy, just put on a few and move on!

Dare #25

   I seem to be challenged all over the place.   Erin's dare was tough.   I think it was because the triangles were uneven.  My first thought when I saw it was "candy corn".  And I don't even like the stuff.  So I went with the candy and added a whole lot of other October things.  Sort of crazy looking, but I like it.
Trick or Treat
    The next one is more traditional.  I do need to get a few new black pens.  My pen is getting a bit pale, so sepia it was.  I even used some scrapbooking paper for a change.
     And now on to -

Celtic Knot #7

   All Judy wanted us to do was use some color on her pattern.  I liked that.  Relaxing to just sit and color. 
    I hope everyone is having a great week.  I am glad to be fast approaching week-end.  A bit of rest will be appreciated.  Also a day or two without papers to grade . . . ahh, sounds sweet.  Thanks for dropping by!  Your comments brighten my day!


  1. Your creations are fantastic! I love the colors and crativity on the Celtic Knot #7. You are wonderfully talented!

  2. Your work is lovely Cathy. I particularly like the colors you have used in the Celtic

  3. All of these are great. I too found Sankegg verrry challenging but I like your variety of sizes. Very effective. I too am taken with your lovely soft color Celtic Knot.

  4. Wow, you've been busy! I especially love your zendala done with the sepia. It has quite a native feel: great tangles and particularly the way you've edged the largest of the triangles - that's really beautiful. Your Celtic Knot is so detailed and lovely!

  5. haha! you've been busy! i love what you did with judy's challenge! it's beautiful!
    sankegg is not my friend, i haven't gotten anywhere with that one. yours looks great to me :) looks like shark's teeth :)

  6. You did very well with all three challenges. You're right, the challenge and the dare were really challenging!
    Let see what tomorrow brings.........

  7. Amazing!
    Love the color on the celtic knot and must say I'm impressed with what you did with zendala 25! It was a hard one (for me and others!)

  8. I always love opening up your blog. You never disappoint with the beauty you create!

  9. I love your tile...not necessarily because of sankegg, but more the beautiful collection of nicely done tangles that show off sankegg. Well done!

  10. I love the colors in Celtic Knot #7 -- absolutely beautiful!


  11. Love your use of colours on Celtic Knot #7


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