Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fall Break Fun!!

  It has arrived!  Fall break!  Yahoo!  I am so loving the time to draw, get to my new computer program and be totally LAZY.  I am enjoying this year - for the most part - but I need a rest.  So let's post some challenges and dares!

Dare #26

Erin at the Bright Owl loves Halloween and Fall.  So her "dare" this week was to do a Halloween or Fall inspired zendala.  Since I had already done the Halloween thing last week, I decided fall colors would be better.  While my kiddos at school love Halloween, I am not so enthralled by it.  Besides, I used up all my ideas on Dare #25.  I used some goldish colored cardstock to work on and then brown and orange pens.  Fall is one of my favorite times of the year.  I love the colors, the crunch of leaves, the smell of wood smoke . . . . everything about it.  So this was fun!  Thanks, Erin!

 Celtic Knot # 8

      Judy West at Creative Doodling gave us a beautiful template.  Her challenge was to fill it with leaves.  This was fun.  I loved playing in the leaves!  There are a few tiny 'boo-boos" but not enough to change the fact I really like this one.  It is one of my favorites I have done in awhile.  (Considering how many I do, whew!)

 Challenge # 90

The Diva's challenge was to take the first string pattern over at and use it to tangle on.  I had played around with this string when it first came out.  I use my calendar to put those in.  But rather than scanning the earlier tiles, I decided to do one in celebration of Challenge 90.  I love the challenges each week.   Now that doesn't mean I like them.  Sometimes they are hard and I get frustrated, but I always grow and learn something new.  And that I love. 
     In one of her recent posts Laura Harms, the Diva, said she was having trouble with her hands.  I really pray this is easing up for her.  Here recently, I am struggling with using my left hand at times.  I can't tie my shoes some mornings, open things, or pick up small items.  It hurts, but more than the pain, it is frustrating.  I am thankful it is not my right - drawing - hand, but it does make some crafting tough or impossible.  I could not imagine not being able to create at all.  Creativity is such an important element of my life.  So I decided for one of my calendar pages (I am playing catch up again!), I thought I would do a hand.  I traced my hand, tangled around it in black with the intention of leaving the hand white.  Then I decided to fill it, but so it would stand out, I used the brown and sepia pens. 
A Celebration of Hands
  I wish you all a wonderful week!  Thank you for dropping by and for any comments you leave.  Maybe this week I can actually do some more commenting!  Yahoo, again!


  1. Great work on all the above but I especially love the autumn challenge zendala. Gorgeous combo of soft colors!!!

  2. Really beautiful work! Your fall zendala is stunning.

  3. Beautiful fall post! I love seeing your border esses on the zendala.

  4. You did a great job with all of these Cathy. They all look lovely.

  5. Wow, you've been busy! Nice autumn zendala - 'specially like the design you use just inside the outer ring. Your celtic knot is really stunning - such detail! But my fav is your Challenge #90 - Love the dangly things with the 90! Very inspiring.

  6. All you did are beautiful. To be honest, my favourit is the zendala.

  7. These are all just great!! I didn't know about the Celtic knot! Wow...really like it!! and your sketch book is fabulous...I hope your hand improves...your art work is fabulous!

  8. All are very nice - but WOW the detail in the 2nd Zendala - stunning!

  9. Such beautiful work in all of these! Love the autumn colors in the Zendala. Your celtic knot zendala is stunning! And such a whimsical interpretation of the string challenge.

  10. You were able to use the string in the challenge and give it such character! Fantastic!

  11. cathy - you have been busy! and such beautiful detailed work! i am really interested in all the hand art i see. did you do this one for something special? i read your comments and understand why you drew your hand, but i'm seeing this pop up all over the art pages. i just wondered if you knew why?


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