Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Routines and patterns

     I like routine.  I am one of those people who don't mind a very planned schedule.  That was one of the most difficult things I found when I first retired.  Teaching my day was very planned - overly planned.  Not so being at home.  Then a routine developed.  Not a hard and fast, can't be varied, but still somewhat of a routine.  Monday is my day for working on all my challenge pieces.  Not yesterday.  Yesterday I played plumber's helper to my brother.  Then we had to wait for a "real" plumber to show up to finish up the job.  Ray did not have the tools we needed.  So it was a day of plumbing work and waiting.  But on the very positive side I have a new kitchen faucet that WORKS!!  I am so happy! 
      Joey's challenge was to use the tangle whirlee as a starter in the center of the round tile.  From there I did a lot of sitting and staring.  I could not figure what to add to this tile.  Finally made a border of pooma them just added some flowers and embellishments.  And a dash of color!

       Diva's challenge was to use the tangle somnee.  It reminds me of the tinker toys I played with as a child.  They were so much fun!  Sort of like this tangle.

       While rearranging some craft supplies (some people call it cleaning, I really can't say that happened), I found some vellum. so for my inchie this week I used vellum.  On the front I did the famous guard from the UK.  Then on the back I did the flag.  I wanted a more subdued look for the flag.  May have to try this approach again!

       And finally here is my last entry for the 100 days project.  This is day 34 and 35.  I really love doing that rose in the center.  The tangle is called roza and is very simple and soooo pretty!

       Almost finished with my Everglades bike (virtual) race.  Hope to have it done soon.  I am getting a really good pace - my best yet was today!  I know it doesn't compare to a real athlete but I am proud of the time I got - a little over 8 minutes for a mile!  I do about 3 miles each day.  Again I know that isn't great but hey, folks, when I started I was dying at about a 1/2 a mile!  This is progress.  Just slow progress.  I also probably shouldn't admit this but we are friends and I trust you not to tell - but the first time we sat the bike up, I could not get on.  I wanted to so badly it almost made me cry but I could not stretch my leg enough to get on it.  Ray, bless his soul, was very patient and helped me finally get on the bike.  Now?  I can easily get on with no help so my muscles are getting more flexible!  Again, slow progress.
      Take care and thanks for dropping by to say hello!  I think I shall go turn the water on and off in the kitchen for a few moments and enjoy the ease of running water!  Hugs!!


  1. Congratulations on the progress with the bike! Before much longer, you'll be up to 5 miles a day, and then 10, and so on.

    I love the way you did Whirlee. Sitting and staring really worked for you...I do it, too. A lot!!

    Also love the colored tile!


  2. Brilliant idea to use vellum for the inchie! Love the tangled artworks this week too.

    Sally x

  3. Oh Tinker toys! You are right that is what it looks like! Nice tile!

  4. Lovely work Cathy😍 That inchie is great. I know I've got some vellum squirreled away somewhere and I like that technique of drawing on both sides.

  5. You were (with or without structure) very busy and with pretty results!

  6. Lovely inchie and tangles. Unlike you I have no routine and just do what needs doing when I feel like it. The border I go out to weed will be sidetracked by a weed in another one and off I go somewhere else. It's the same with all my different art projects.

  7. I love seeing what you have tangled with each week. Great work also with increasing your flexibility and endurance, every little helps, especially as we age. I laughed when I read your discussion about routine...I have always striven to ensure routine does not become part of my day, (I think I read a theory or two about this when I was young and impressionable), however, I have learned that we are creatures of habit and it is often more efficient to have a routine for some tasks. I sometimes catch myself from time to time asking myself if I am sinking into a routine, as if it is something to be avoided at all costs! Dx

  8. I like what you did with the inchie, the flag is very nice so on the background.


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