Monday, May 14, 2018

Happy Monday!

     I hope you all are having a wonderful day!  Mine is great - bright and sunshiny!  A bit hot but I am not outside so very much so that's okay. 
    Every Inchie Monday's country this week was Andorra.  I have to say I had never heard of it until I googled it.  I decided to just to a map of this tiny country and add the flag. 
      Joey's still doing the tangles where we have to finish up her tile.  She drew the tangle friendship in the center of the tile and I used the tangles zari and verve to finish it up.  I did not realize how much my paper showed through other lines and marks until I started coloring it.  I am not happy with the "dents' in the paper, but I am not redoing it!
      I have been having some fun doing bookmarks this past week.  It is a way to use up some scrap paper and a small space to try new tangles.  I think I will order some plastic covers and tassles for them.  Then?  I am not sure what to do with them, but they have been fun.

   Guess that is all for this week. Oh!  I got a "job" (well, sort of) doing a review for a couple of Creative Haven's coloring books.  They are sending me some and I will write the review here!  It would be very nice if you could leave a comment on that post so they can tell I do have readers (ha!).  I would love to do others for them so we shall see how this goes. 
    Also I finished the Everglades virtual race.  Now I am doing Glacier National Park!  Oh that place is lovely!  I would love to see it in person.
    Take care and have a wonderful week!  Hugs!


  1. I love the way you did Joey's challenge this week, and I love the new tangle, "Friendship." And, I also love your bookmarks...clever!!

    Looking forward to reading the review of the "Creative Haven's" books.

    Congratulations on finishing the Everglades...and for not getting eaten by an alligator!!


  2. Lovely work, your book marks are fabulous...I always pop a hand made one in when I give a book as a present to someone...helps me clear the decks. Good luck with the Glacier NP sounds cooler than the Everglades one, Dx

  3. Great inchie. Love the round purple tangle!

  4. Beautiful bookmarks, all of them and I like the composition and the chosen tangles you have used on Joey's tiles. Purple is a lovely colour in combination with black/white!

  5. Great tangles and inchie, love the bookmarks.

  6. Some beautiful tangles, those bookmarks are lovely.


  7. Gorgeous work and I love those bookmarks!

  8. I love the inchie, you did find out alot of info on it. Sounds like a great place. I love the tangles, not sure how you do it! Congrats on the race. I am really loving the new one I am on.


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