Tuesday, May 22, 2018

No tranquility today

        Our back porch roof partially collapsed last Friday.  Today we have a workman here banging and cutting and trying to restore order to our back.    It is quite a noisy task.  Add to that a very neurotic lab who cannot understand what someone is doing in his back yard and there is no quiet for me today.  Between bouts of crying and barking, he just clings to my leg as I work.  Oh my.  What a day.  Well, since it could take more than one day - what a week!
        Glad I got all the challenges done yesterday.  The first one, my inchie, is supposed to be about the country Lithuania.  I know nothing other than what I found out online.  And that it is beautiful.  I decided though to go with a couple of icons from an icons page.  I assume they are wine and cheese. 

        Joey's challenge was to finish this round tile.  In the center she used the tangle cadent.  I love that tangle.  It was one of the first tangles I ever learned and it appeals to me so much. 

        The 100 Days Project pushes on!  Here are days 46 - 49.  It is hard to believe we are half way through this challenge! 

        A little bit of coloring last week - from Color It's Mythical and Fantasy book.  I used prismas for both of these with a little gel pen to glitter some areas. 

        I really could use another hour or so of sleep.  But not with all this noise.  I might as well sit here and chill.   Thanks for dropping by and saying hello!  Take care and enjoy your day!  Hugs!


  1. Hi, Cathy,

    Sorry about all the chaos with the back porch. I hope nobody was on the porch when it happened?

    The inchie tile is a good one...All I saw when I googled Lithuania was the flag and some beautiful scenery, which I couldn't draw. So, I'm just doing the colors of the flag and calling it done, lol.

    Good job on Joey's tangle. I'm not doing a round tile. I'm doing a 12-patch "diptych," with this theme, similar to the one we all did with the nine tangles about a year ago. When I get the 12 done, I've got to find space somewhere for the 13th one, lol.

    Take care. JoyceB

  2. Lovely work, as usual, despite your disruptions and anxious dog...hope all is serene for you all very soon. Dx

  3. So sorry to hear about the porch. I know how that goes. I love your tangles and coloring pages, they are so detailed and cool looking. Heres to hoping that you get some sleep and relaxation


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