Thursday, April 26, 2018

Rain? Light showers? Not.

     It's raining again.  The weatherman optimistically says "light showers" possible.  We never have light showers.  We have floods and torrential rains, but light?  No.  Our backyard is a major swamp.  Lakota who cannot stand to get wet, just stands in the back door and looks out with this dismal expression on his face - like, why me?  I am hoping the weather is right for the weekend when they say "a beautiful weekend".  We'll see.   Trust no one. 
     The inchie country was Kenya.  There are a lot of wonderful images - animals, scenery, etc. - I could have used but I really love the graphic flag.  It appeals to me so that is what I did.   Just the flag. 
      Joey's challenge had me going for quite a while.  First of all the center of the circle, which she gives us was the tangle frames.  That wasn't easy for me, but I managed.  but trying to decide how to finish it off was a struggle.  I just kept staring at it wondering what to do.  I am moderately okay with it - I do like the color. 
     This next piece I did for my 100 day challenge.  It covers 3 days.  I divided the journal page into 3 sections then drew hollibaugh over the page.  The days are divided by the teal line. This was fun to fill.
      I got another awesome coloring book from Creative Haven.  I love those books.  If you haven't tried one of their books you need to.  This new one is Butterfly Mandalas.  Very relaxing to color.  The pictures in it are very detailed and so pretty!  Here are a couple I have finished.

    Guess I will call it a day now.  I have several other things I need to get busy and finish.  Take care and thanks for dropping by!  Hugs!!


  1. A very graphic flag indeed.....maumau uprising always springs to mind! Nice tangles, that blue shade is very pleasing:-)


  2. Wonderful choice for your inchie! The Kenyan flag is beautiful. Great tangles!

  3. You are right, it is a very graphic flag, so loaded with associations...I really like your blue tangles and so wish you could send the rain this way...we would all be happy! Dx


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