Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Happy Sunshiny Day!!

    It is so lovely outside!  It feels like spring - okay a bit cool, but oh so lovely outside.  I love spring for the most part.  Our pollen count has been tremendously high.  Bad for me, good for the Claritin company (they do sinus meds). 
    The inchie this week was Peru.  I googled Peru and came up with a cute girl in a her native hat.  I started to do a llama, but decided she would be easier.
     Joey's challenge was to take her string with Breach in the center and add to it.  I had a lot of fun with this one.  Added some more breach and some feathering (because I am addicted to that tangle). Then I decided on some color instead of graphite shading.  That turned out really good until I turned the page and saw the color with gamsol blending had gone through to the other page. 

    Okay.  Now what?  Diva wanted us to use our fingers to draw a string.  I added color to make the fade through from the other side less noticeable.   Oh well.  The color worked, even if it wasn't in the master plan!
     One of my Facebook groups has a 100 day project challenge.  We have to tangle for 15 minutes each day.  That is no problem.  It might be more of a challenge for me to NOT tangle for 15 minutes, lol.  I have found that stopping after 15 minutes was next to impossible.  On the few that ran close, I simply finished them in overtime.  I could not leave them unfinished.  Too linear for that!

      I finished my Avenue of the Giants virtual race!  I am now waiting on the shirt and medal, which I will share next week.  Now I am off and cycling through the Grand Canyon.  Oh how I would love to see these in person!  We saw the Grand Canyon on our last trip out west.  It was an awesome site and one I will never forget.  I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to travel with my family before mom died.  The memories are wonderful even this long ago. 
My "virtual" view
      Thank you for dropping by and I hope you are having a wonderful week!  Hugs!


  1. Beautiful work! Your Breach tile is very pretty and I love the look of your fingers ;-)

  2. Me too like your tile for Joey very much. Breach and the feathering one are a beatiful duo. You did a great job for Laura too, looks great and so is the final pic, wow!!!

  3. Great work! I love the fern-like look of the Feathering. It compliments the Breach very nicely. Pretty!

  4. All beautiful, but the zendala is my favorite. I'm glad for you that you have great memories, luckily so do I, only too little :-(

  5. first off, congrats on finishing your latest race! The tangles are awesome as usual. Thanks for sharing the story of your Grand Canyon trip. What a blessing.

  6. Wonderful tangles, and a great inchie. I have always wanted to see the Grand Canyon, and Yosemite, and Yellowstone. The list goes on.

  7. As ever it's a visual delight to come onto your blog! That's a very cute inchie :-)


  8. Beautiful work Cathy😍 The Joey piece is quite outstanding and the patterns you used on the Diva piece are gorgeous.

  9. Woohoo, cycling the Grand Canyon...I have seen some videos of extreme cycling and can vividly image you racing along precipices and leaping chasms...;) well done! As usual visiting your blog is and seeing all your tangles, and the inchie, is wonderful, Dx


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