Tuesday, March 6, 2018

A Bit of Sunshine

      Good day!  I hope you are having a wonderful week.  I have had a good one.  It's been really hard to do what little walking I usually do.  We have had some sunshine but it is back to cloudy today and they even say the mountains are going to have some flurries.  I really wanted some snow, but now that the flowers are blooming and looking so pretty, I hate to see that.
     I have a new adventure!  There is an organization called Send A Smile 4 Kids.  They collect homemade cards to send to children's hospitals.  These cards can be used for the children to send to people or for caretakers to give to the children.  SAS4KIds is going to be a lot of fun to be involved with and I promise to tell you more as I get information.  I am so excited to have an outlet for my card making.  I also get to be the volunteer for our area and collect cards and deliver them to the hospital.  Exciting!
     Diva's challenge was to use the tangle siri.  She chose to use a lot of blue in her tile to honor her mom's birthday.  I decided to stick with the color and add a bit of purple (because that is my very favorite color).  I also used a tangle of mine for the border on the top and left.  I haven't figured out a name for it yet.  Any suggestions?

     I am so glad there is the saying "there are no mistakes in zentangle" because I set out to prove that wrong with Joey's challenge.  She gave us a perfectly lovely string to use and a very nice unnamed tangle.  For starters I struggled with the tangle.  Then I had an idea about making it a beach scene.  the crescent moon that was to be the hills just didn't have that effect.  Moving on I hoped arukas would work for some sunshine.  It might have if I could do it correctly!  Despite it all, I do like the tile, but it certainly has more than a few mistakes!

     The inchie this week was for one of my most favorite places - Australia.  I have never been there, but I really would love to visit!  When I taught - in the years before the curriculum became so rigid - I did an around the world theme.  It lasted all year and we "spent" several weeks on each continent or in various countries.  We read stories from there.  Ate foods and sang songs.  All our math and spelling and language was tied to where we were studying.  It was delightful!  Australia was always one of the children's favorites because of all the wonderful creatures from there.  Anyway (I digress) my inchie has the Sydney Opera House and a graphic style kangaroo.

     Now off to work on a coloring page.  There is a contest and if mine is chosen I could win $100 gift card.  Don't think I would turn that down, lol!!
     Hope you have an awesome week and stay safe!  Hugs!


  1. Gosh, you fitted such a lot into your lovely inchie! I package up cards (once I get a few surplus in my boxes) and deliver them to local aged care facilities...they sometimes use them for in-house fundraising or simply distribute them to those who cannot get out to purchase a card...it gets rid of my surplus and provides some happiness...Dx

  2. I like your tiles this week, and really love the color combo on the first one. Your own tangle is nice, I plan on copying it and using it. How about "Two Wise?" It looks like two ys to me, and wise is a phonetic spelling for ys. Moving on, lol...

    When I make a mistake, I just call it a "not a mistake," lol. Believe me, I make some doozies at times.


  3. i love the tangled pictures. I have no idea what to name the tangle, but it is pretty. I love that you and I did similar ideas on the inchie

  4. I love your take on the Diva Challenge this week. Don't know why, it just works for me. I thought your scene was rather nice too- only you see the mistakes.

  5. Your beach scene is great! I want to go there :-)

  6. Great how you used different sizes of Siri in your Diva tile! Also, your border tangle goes very well with Siri.

  7. The opera house and a kangaroo...what could possibly sum up Australia better!


  8. I love your tile with your beautiful interpretation of SIRI with the beautiful colours! And the combination with your own tangle is wonderful! Thank you! You will find an appropriate name- I am sure ;-)
    The oher tiles are great as well!

  9. Wonderful tile with Siri! I like your colour combination!

  10. Very nice inchie of Australia.


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