Wednesday, March 14, 2018

A Brand New Tangle!

    I was roaming around on Pinterest (I spend too much time there, but that is another story) and found this really cool pattern.  So I started playing around with it and ta! da!  I have a new tangle.  At least I think it is.  If I have accidently copied someone else's tangle, please let me know.  You saw this last least week on one of my tiles.  Remember I asked for a name suggestion?  Well I really liked the suggestion of "Two Wise".  Think about the way it sounds - "two y's".  Isn't that cool?  Thank you Joyce!  I worked out the step out, though it is fairly simple.  I also discovered you can play with lots of variations with this one.  Have some fun  with this one!

     The inchie word / country was Samoa.  My first thought was to hunt out a Girl Scout so she could help with a few boxes of inspiration.  Decided against that and went with a more diabetic friendly option of Google.   Wasn't as much fun though.  This country is gorgeous! I loved the blues of the water and the lush greenery.  My inchie doesn't really capture that too well so you need to look this place up!

     Diva's Challenge was to use one of my absolute favorite tangles - verve.  I use this one very frequently and I love it. 

     Joey's Challenge was another string to copy.  She had a really pretty ribbon in the left upper corner and some pokeleaf in the bottom right.  I added some mooka flowers and a toodle flower.

     My new coloring book from Color It came this past week.  I love their books because of the spiral binding at the top and the quality of the paper.  Here are the two I did this past week.

     My new stationary bike came this past week also.  I love it!  I am now able to do a bit more toward my challenge each day and that is super.  It is a bit hard on the uh, . . .  seat.  I need to figure out how to help that out!
     Take care and thanks for leaving me some sunshine!  Hugs!


  1. Woohoo! Fab tangles and art, I must check out the colouring books!


  2. Wow, you used my suggestion for the name, thank you, Cathy. I'm honored!

    Of course I love your tiles, but the one for Joey is stunning. I love the way you've made a Toodles flower. Awesome!

    Because I'm part Irish, I also love the little leprechaun you colored, and because I'm from Maine, I love the lighthouse, the ocean, and the seagulls. You color so well!

    Have fun with the bike...put some padding on the seat, maybe a folded towel?


  3. All lovely and the Diva zendala is great!

  4. So much work here and all so very different. I also like the Toodle flower, what a clever take on the pattern. I liked the delicate colouring on that tile too.

  5. Going to try out your new tangle. Great tiles, all of them.

  6. Geest tiles, and a lovely new tangle!

  7. I always enjoy seeing your coloring pages. The lighthouse is my favorite this week! Beautiful tiles as well, and I love your new tangle! I can't wait to try it out :)

  8. I love reading about your's like learning a new language! I have been using my Dewnt ColourSoft pencils a bit this week, colouring in some card fronts. I sometimes forget how relaxing colouring can be. Your Samoan inchie packs a lot of detail into a tiny space, well done. Dx

  9. Great inchie. Love the tangles, I don't have the patience to make them :-)

  10. I also saw the pictures on Google and although it is hard to capture the colors, I think you did really well on your inchie.


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