Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving!

    I hope you are having a wonderful day.  If you celebrate Thanksgiving, I hope tomorrow is a wonderful one.  If not, well, I hope your tomorrow is still a wonderful one!  We went out this week and purchased a new Christmas tree - a much smaller one.  It is 4.5 ' tall.  It is prelit with white bulbs.  I have never had a tree with white bulbs, I have always had multi-color.  We also purchased a box of ornaments just to change things up.  I will post a pic or two next week when I have it completed.  I need to decide about a garland and some other items, but it is up and looks beautiful. 
     The inchie word was hedgehog.  Mine was a tiny bit larger than needed so some of him got clipped off.  I bought a paper punch with a one inch square years ago when I started this inchie thing and most of the time I can "guess" at the size, but hedgie got a bit bigger than he should have.
     Another 3D string to tangle from Joey.  We had to use the tangle paradox, one of my favorites.  There is also another challenge that I had to use the tangle cruffle so I combined the two of them.
    Diva's challenge was to do a duotangle with paradox and bunzo.  This is sort of a "wonky" piece.  I really didn't have a plan I just played with the two of them.  Not too happy with the results.
     Here are a few other things I worked on this week.  Both coloring pages are from Color It (of course).  The Christmas one is one the free downloads.  I am glad everyone seemed to enjoy getting the link.  It has been a lot of fun doing these.  The other coloring page is from their book, Blissful Scenes.  I have to admit I am really pleased at how the owls turned out!

     I need to get busy today.  I have several things I have to make ahead for tomorrow.  Have a wonderful week and take care!  Hugs!


  1. I like the tile whith 3D string and the last one is beautiful

  2. your hedgehog is beautiful. that last tangle makes me happy. It is amazing

  3. your diva challenge tile is lovely and whimsical, not wonky at all

  4. Lovely artwork and your hedgie looks quite festive! I use my 1" square punch to cut out my images too...Dx

  5. So many things to admire are right, those owls are brilliant! Like you I have a 1" punch & very useful it is too!


  6. Lovely challenge tiles. Wonderful idea Cruffle falling out of the tin.

  7. There is a lot to see here with all your tiles - all lovely.


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