Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Happy November!!

     Yes fall is here.  The sky is gray - blue.  The air is chilled.  And the front yard is being covered in leaves.  And I am thinking hot chocolate!  What a wonderful time of the year!
      My inchie is the very famous Charlotte the spider spinning her web to help Wilbur.  I love that book.  Reading to children is probably one of the things I miss the most.  I love to read children's books.  I use all sorts of voices and drama and really get into it.  I had a child tell me once when I had been absent that even though the sub had read the book I had left, they wanted me to go back and read it again so they could "see" the characters.  Maybe I will record my very favorite Christmas tale and share it on here - we will see.
      The 3D object to fill was a cylinder.  Joey asked that we use Diva Dance on our work.  I kept mine simple.
      Diva's challenge was Hallow/Fall.  I decided on a pumpkin which covers both.  It also served as the last prompt for INKtober days. 
       And last a couple of coloring pages I had completed this past week.

    One more thing, I did a comparison of blending with colored pencils.  This might come in handy if you use them in your work.  I tried the four methods I have available with both my prismas and the polychromos.  I don't really have a favorite, it is just handy to have what they look like.
     Thank you for dropping by!  I love your comments.  They are my sunshine!  Hugs!


  1. Charlotte the spider is a lovely book - as your work is lovely!

  2. Excellent work, love your tiles! The fairy you colored is beautiful...and I love fairies, think they are so pretty.


  3. I really like your literary reference and yes, reading is a skill. I love audio books as I they allow me to listen whilst keeping my hands and eyes free to engage in other exploits...I often have my iPod earbuds in place while I get on with my day...I like your pencil blending comparisons...I like gamsol best when I want a very smooth finish as I get more consistent results, but also like to simply blend with the pencils I am using in order to improve my colouring skills...I often wish gamsol had been around when I was in kindergarten...Dxx

  4. I love the leaves, I will show them to my daughter as she would find it useful in her art. I love the inchie, even though I have never read the book

  5. Well, I like them all! The Diva tile is gorgeous

  6. Oh wow. Your some pig tile brings back lovely memories! Thank you!

  7. A beautiful collection of Art this week! Your challenge is wonderful, you say it's simple but it's looks great, especially with the added shadow! Love your Diva challenge too!


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