Tuesday, June 20, 2017


    The growl is not the tiger I drew for the inchie.  It is me.  I have not yet received my tax refund from Georgia.  Several months later, I might add.  It has never been this late and all you can get on the phone when you call, is a robot voice!  Does anyone else think we have been taken over by androids???
     Oh well, on to the tiger inchie.  I am not sure if I like him or not.  The more I look at him the closer I think he is okay.  Haven't fallen in love with him yet.
     When I had some spare time last week, I used one of my journal pages and filled it with tangles that started with Y that I liked.  Sort of preparing for the challenge at Made by Joey's site.  I left out some I knew I would not use because they were not my favorites.  I deliberately left out Yuma.  I really don't like that tangle so I don't use it.  Guess which tangle was the one we were supposed to use?  You don't need to.  You figured it out already.  Here is the Y tile starring Yuma, yew-dee, and y-chain.  This is my week no doubt!
     I also had some coloring time over the week-end.  That is so relaxing to me.  A lot like how I view tangling. 
Unfortunately it is a bit hard to get under the scanner the way they put it into the book.  Why do that?  It is going to nearly impossible to color the facing page.  I told Ray I should just dis-assemble the book and put the pages into a three ring binder.  I may decide on doing that yet.
    Guess what???  We had tomatoes this past week.  Okay if you force me into honesty, they were the size of a malted milk ball.  They are cherry tomatoes anyway. . . . .  and there were only 3.  The vines continue to hang very full with green ones, but these were good!  My grandpa would be proud.  (well, really I think he would tease and give me a very hard time about my "crop").
     Thanks for dropping by.  I am gong to go work on my coloring book for awhile.  I really would love to see this thing finished and printed soon.  But I am very slow.  See you later!


  1. I didn't think I liked Yuma either, at least not the attempts I made putting it in my pattern book. Joey's looked different and I found a video of someone doing it and it looked more like Joey's. I wasn't doing the vine thing first and I liked it much more when done that way. I do like how your Yuma turned out! Looks good to me.

  2. Love the coloring page it looks great! The tiger looks great, love him. Be proud of those tomatoes, better than I could have done!

  3. Nice work- the colouring page reminds me very much of Tammy Tutterow's work, she has recently started stitching some of her rubber stamp designs (reminded me that my early embroidery efforts involved iron on transfers )


  4. I like your tiger. He is really ok. Love your tangles too.

  5. Your tiger looks like he just staggered out of an all nighter in a bar. Cute. Yes, Yuma is also not a tangle I will draw anytime soon again, but yours looks just fine to me.

  6. Your Tiger looks very resigned...maybe he knows more about the tax office than you do ;) Great stuff re the tomatoes...I have many great recipes I can share with you once you get the crop size adjusted! Dixx


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