Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Good afternoon!

😊    Warning Long Post! 

     Oh I am so enjoying my total lack of schedule!  I always do during the summer, but to think this is not going to crash to an end in August - oh yeah!  I have a bunch of challenges to post today but don't worry I didn't do them all today.  I spent the day drawing and creating, but this is several days work.
     My lion for Every Inchie Monday looks a bit - well, weird???  I saw what I wanted but unfortunately he wasn't what I saw.  Oh well, here he is even so.

     The alphabet challenge is over from Made by Joey.  Hate to see it end, but I am curious as to how we shall be challenged next.  I only used one tangle (the one suggested) for this challenge - zonked.  I love that tangle.  So I just focused on it.

      Had time to really splurge on the Diva challenge today.  I usually don't get so involved but this one just kept growing and growing.  I am honestly more fond of this piece than I have been with some in a long time.  Proves to me I need to put more into the development of a tile more often.

      There is a daily challenge over at one of my Facebook groups.  Here are my last three days from my journal.  I really wish I could draw the dewdrops like every one else and make them look like actual water.  Mine are okay, but they don't look . . . wet.  Need more practice.
      The first of my retirement splurge came in this week.  The way the school system works, I will have three months with double pay checks (and social security also).  So I took the first of this bounty and paid several bills so they will not follow me into the "regular" months.  Gone!  I felt like happy dancing all over the place yesterday when we took care of 4 different places!  In addition to my being very reasonable with the extra, I got my brother a few things he wanted and then off to Amazon for pencils! I got the largest set of prismas I could buy (yahoo, they were on sale)  and the large set of polychromos - which I was told never go on sale.  I also plan to order a large set of Albrecht Durer watercolor pencils.  Horribly frivolous, I know.  But I also know that in the near future splurging like this will not really be an option.  So Merry Christmas to me in June!  Here are my first pages playing with my new "toys".
Done with prismas
Done with polychromos

     Hate to make this sooo long, but you have to hear the story about one of these dogs.  A friend of mine was teaching kindergarten and was working with a student when he looked up from their book and shouted - "Teacher, there is a damnation dog on this page!"  She lost it.  And I can't see one of those dogs without hearing her tell that story!
     Okay I have talked your ears off.  Sorry.  I will try not to always be so wordy!  Have a wonderful week and lots of blessings to you!


  1. That's a fierce looking lion if ever I saw one! You have been busy with art & indeed enjoying your new art supplies:-)


  2. Love that you got some bills paid off, isn't that wonderful? Also I dont blame you for splurging while you can. I do that with beads at tax time! I also love your pages they are as always amazing! The lion looks great! Weird or not he is great!

  3. Love your story and all the artwork too. Glad you can enjoy your retirement. I'm a year-round school employee, but I still enjoy the quiet halls in the summer.

  4. Fantastic artwork and agreat post as well

    Love the strong lion inchie

    Chrissie xx

  5. So looks great I don't know if I'm right but your work looks more relaxed to me (going from my memory which isn't great I'll have to look back at previous posts). Nice tiles.

  6. You life only once so make the best of it, and if that means being a bit extravagant the better. I like your damnation dogs image, the other 95 are probably still running around in the garden annoying the lion. Your aquafleurs look great!

  7. You are so smart to get those things for yourself, Cathy. If you are going to enjoy your retirement, Cathy, you need the tools to do so. You will have so many hours of joy watching videos, reading tutorials, and coloring with these fine pencils. Good choices! (You must have done your homework!) Nice Aquafleur too :)

  8. Wow! Beautiful work Cathy!
    You will thank yourself over and over that you bought the biggest set of pencils, I splurged when our dollar was at par with the US which meant a $200 savings on the large set of Prismas. One piece of the Prismacolor pencil sharpener! We tried several other brands before finding this one and they don't sharpen as well. If you are like me you don't want to waste an inch due to breakage.
    I know that you will enjoy the summer guest bloggers that I have lined up, happy summer!

  9. Great inchie and colouring. Why not buy what you want, you've worked hard for it. Enjoy your retirement.

  10. lovely inchie, I think he looks full of energy and movement, not at all weird! Well done on the treats, (I felt like doing a little happy dance for you, you sound so excited), Dixx

  11. I love that you sound so happy! Your lion is really liony he looks great and I don't know what you mean about not being able to do dewdrops - they look pretty wet to me - don't be so critical of yourself your work is great - I love what you do in zentangles and your colouring looks amazing - love the damnation story!!! Happy retirement and well done you for paying things off, you deserve a reward! Enjoy x


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