Sunday, November 15, 2015

Day 320 - Every Inchie Monday, Exotic

     Oh my!  exotic what???  My brother's suggestion was an exotic car.  In an inch?  Don't think so.  Then I risked googling the word - considering all the things that could be exotic it was a risk.  But there I saw some gorgeous flowers, animals, and locations.  One caught my eye and made me think it could be within my ability. 
     On a piece of paper about 1.5 inches big I painted the background with watercolor.  Then after it dried I pulled out my gel pens and drew in the sunset - way too bold.  So I took my finger and smeared it around - perfect for what I wanted.  I then did the same with the reflection on the water.  Last I drew in the island and palms.  You can't see it, but I am sitting right there on that beach and my little beach house is just behind those trees.  Ahh  . . . don't I wish.
     When everything was good and dry, I take my inchie frame and move it around til I have the space that I like the best. 

      Thank you for visiting on my little island.  Pull up a beach chair, grab something cold and stay awhile.  You may not want to leave!


  1. I love your island, and the sky and reflection are beautifully done. I can see you on the beach. I am there in spirit, I am just hiding under a big umbrella since I burn rather quickly!

  2. Start pouring; I'm on my way, Cathy!

  3. thanks for the cold drink - lets sit and enjoy the beautiful sunset you have drawn.

  4. A lovely island, and well drawn. Wish I was there.

  5. A lovely island, and well drawn. Wish I was there.

  6. You painted a small, very nice, exotic place.


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