Saturday, November 7, 2015

Day 313 - Review of a new magazine, DO!

     I am a sucker for anything with the word "tangle" on it.  Seriously.  I get every book I can afford and love looking at other artist's works for inspiration.  I also am really into the current coloring book craze.  Rarely - only once - has my purchase not lived up to my hopes.  That should tell you just how many good books there are.  So naturally when I saw the advertisement for a magazine devoted to "color, tangle, craft, doodle", my blood started pumping.  The magazine by Design Originals, "DO", is going to be a winner. 
     Inside this publication - the premier edition - there are tons of things to color, guide to tangles, and several projects.  The seven projects look well laid out with clear directions and include coloring sheets if needed.  I haven't done any of them yet, but I am seriously eyeing the purple stool.  That would look so cool in my classroom.
     The page with the tangles would be very helpful for a person new to tangling, but they were not as important to me.  I did enjoy reading the article about zentangle and its philosophy. 

    There are nine feature articles.  Each one is well written and enjoyable to read - when you need a small break from creating.  I particularly enjoyed reading about artists Ben Kwok, Suzanne McNeill, Marie Browning, and Joanne Fink.  It is always interesting to see the creative process from another artist's point of view.  The artists each have several pages of their work to color.  The coloring pages are printed on great paper - cutting down on bleed-through.  I decided to scan and print the ones I wanted to use right away.  I didn't want to lose access to them if I wanted to try them again sometime.  You really wouldn't have to though. 
     Above is a picture I colored using some of Joanne Fink's suggestions.  I added some details of my own and am thinking about a frame for this one.  I have always enjoyed her art work so it was fun to color on her design!
    One of the most interesting feature articles was about using your tangles and doodling to enhance a prayer journal.  I think I will be using this idea very soon. 
     Okay, I am smitten.  I like this publication.  I like the type of art work it promotes.  A year's subscription is a little under $30.  I usually live on a tight budget, but I plan on trying to figure out how to afford it.  There are only 4 issues, but with as much as there is to do inside this magazine I really wouldn't want it to come out more often - I would never have time for mundane tasks like cooking, cleaning and working on my school work. 


  1. Thank you for your review - I have just ordered the premier issue. I am not sure if I'll get a subscription though - I think I may wait to see how it seems on the second and perhaps third issues. There is so much available on the internet to read and learn from I just don't know if we need a magazine. Time will tell! (:

  2. I loved the premier issue so much that I didn't hesitate one bit to join in with a subscription. I look forward to edition #2.


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