Sunday, April 12, 2015

Days 96 - 101 (or how did ever get this far behind??)

       Each evening this week I have taken a few minutes to draw.  I needed the zen time.  However, I kept putting off coming over here and blogging.  I just couldn't work up the motivation.  And now look at this!  Six days!  Yikes! Writing the post isn't bad and putting on my art work is a breeze - so why not six days at a time?  Because I have to connect each one to some site or Facebook or somewhere!  Oh well, maybe I will be better organized this week (or not).
      For the Diva Challenge we had to use the tangle "fanz".  I am okay with this one.  I had a thought in mind then it sort of got lost and voila, here is Day 96 and I really don't like it.  Oh well, it is complete.

     The New to Me challenge was to use tangles that begin with the letter Q.  I decided on "quiltz".  I hadn't really played with this one much and so it was run to use it.  I decided on it for the background of my daffodil sketch.   Here is Day 97.

     Day 98 was to use the tangle "cat-kin" for Made by Joey's challenge.  I wasn't sure how to make this one work without doing a nature scene, which for some reason I really didn't want to do.  Finally I decided on this arrangement.  I am not satisfied with the betweed in the middle, but overall it works.

     Tickled to Tangle's challenge was to use the tangles, "loop" and "brella".  I had just seen loop on the internet and so I was anxious to give it a go.  Brella was completely new to me.  I can see both of these becoming a favorite.  There are so many variations to brella, it needs a lot more play time!  I really like Day 99.

      Day 100!!  Wow!  That is pretty exciting!  I haven't missed one day yet.  Okay, I haven't posted on time each day, but I have been creating each day as planned.  This challenge piece is a monotangle of "man-o-man" for Square One. Well, I said monotangle, but it really isn't if you count the way I filled the pieces.  A "sort-a-monotangle".

      I had to play with loop some more.  It was just too much fun to put away and forget.  So this afternoon for Day 101 I just played around with an organic composition featuring loop and phicops.  Lots of fun!

      I really planned on working on my journal page for Journal52, but just can't work up the steam to pull out my circut, which I want to use.  Maybe tomorrow, after I work on school work.  I am sorry this is so long - but thanks for sticking with it.  I love your comments.  Sometimes that little smile you send me just makes my day! I hope your day is filled with blessings and smiles!


  1. Wow I'm impressed I can barely keep up with my own challenge! I was particularly inspired by your last drawing, Never having done that type of layout I'm keen to give it a try. The tangles you have have used create also an explosion, really nice! I also like the Catkin outlined, must try that too!
    Thanks for linking up!
    ~ joey ~

  2. You have certainly been busy. I'm doing good most weeks to just get the Diva's challenge finished. I like them all, but I must say that your last piece is fabulous. I haven't had very good luck with getting loop looking good yet. Now I know what I should aspire to. Beautiful work!

  3. A lot has been done by you! I LOVE (love, love and more) the last (organic) one. The elegance, the playfulness, I just LOVE it.

  4. I like the perspective you put into your Fanz. Your daffodil is pretty. You Day 101 is wonderful! Thanks for being part of the challenge this week!

  5. I agree with you about loop. Once I finally figured it out, I have to do some more with it. Yours is just great.


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