Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Day 104 - Diva Challenge

     Day 104 of the Create Each Day challenge.  And day 700 of state testing.  No wait.  It is only day one.  Oh.  Four more to go.  Oh dear.  It only feels like day 700.   I am tired and somewhat cranky at this moment.  It will pass.
    For today's needed creativity, we had to use a traced string.  I grabbed a pair of scissors and used them to trace.  Not horribly original I guess, but I like it.  It was sort of hard to hold the scissors still, lol!

     I hope you are having a wonderful day and thank you for dropping by. 


  1. I think scissors make a great string, Cathy! And yes, I used them too! Great tile which I am sure helped to ease some of the tension you are feeling....careful what you do with those scissors!

  2. I think that it is fun to actually recognize the item used as a string. Very nice!

  3. Yes, it seems like it's been an interesting game this week seeing these amazing objects and guessing what it might be. I am amazed that some of the tangles you used will fit in are very accomplished with the fine work. Take care and "this too shall pass" when it comes to those annoying tasks...good luck and enjoy the weekend.

  4. I love your scissors string and looking at all the people that used them for their string, it is a popular item. You did a wonderful job with your tangle and I hope you got to relax doing your tangles. I may have to try scissors as well, they look like fun.


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