Sunday, October 27, 2013

Time for Relaxing!

     This has been one of those weeks.  You know the kind.  If it can go wrong, it will.  Around every corner, there is something stressful.  You begin to wonder, what next?  However through it all there has been some very nice blessings.  We had a major computer failure - power supply - but we now have a better one.  And the installation wasn't too bad (at least for me, don't ask my brother).  I received a really nice "thank you" note from someone at school for something I did - made my day.  I had a group of kiddos that were being more than difficult and my principal came up with a solution that will work for everyone involved.  Lots of blessings, lots of need to tangle.
     I finished my Dare for last week of the Bright Owl.  Yep, I said last week.  I didn't make it to posting it on the Facebook link.  We were supposed to make a tile and then put it somewhere for another person to find - Random Act of Zentangling.  My tile is done (and it is hard to part with it) and it is ready to go inside my library book when I return it.  I will take a picture of it inside the book, but I am not ready to go to the library yet.
     I also finished my project for Diva's challenge #141.  We did a duo tangle using the two tangles, "fengle" and "quandry".  Neither one of those are were my favorites.  I still am not too excited by quandry, but I had so much fun with fengle that I used it for  Diva's challenge, one of my ATC swap cards, and also used it all over my calendar page!  What unexpected fun!  The only problem with this card was when I got ready to watercolor the edges there was a tiny bit of yellow on my brush.  I just couldn't bear to throw it out.
     I finished 4 cards for the black with accent ATC swap which starts November 1st.  The last count was 47 cards needed.  I think I have around 40.  But I have a few months to mail them all.  We can do part of the group or the entire 47.  I plan on doing all of them because I want to get 47 cards!  This is so much fun!  I am going this week to buy a notebook to put all my ATCs in. 
     I have several things I need to get done - this week's Bright Owl dare, my inchie, some more ATCs, and lots of Christmas presents to tangle.  So for me, it is off to tangle - land for a bit!  Have a great week and thank you so much for dropping by. 

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  1. You were quite creative! The zendala is beautiful and so is your Challenge tile. I also like the cards.


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