Sunday, October 20, 2013

ATC swap around the corner

     The official date for the Facebook group swap is November 1st.  But there are a lot of cards to be made by then.  A lot.  I want to participate by sending everyone a card, even though we can opt to do only half of the list.  I figure the more I can send - the more lovelies I will receive. 
     I did another one of my large sheets - 7.5" by 10.5".  This will be cut into 9 cards.  It probably doesn't save me any time in all actuality, but it is fun for a change.  Here is the large sheet before cutting.  I planned a smaller square on each card for focus.

     Then after viewing Ellen Wolter's how to videos on You-Tube, I had to try the tangle awrop.  She makes things look so easy and clears up so many questions.  This card features awrop.

     The last one I just played around on with somewhat of a more organic look.  Mushrooms and tangles seem like the perfect "couple", don't you think?

     I have a long tangle to-do list!  I need to finish my swap cards. get my calendar up to date, and work on several Christmas presents - oh my!  Fortunately it is so much fun, I really don't care how long it takes.  I do need a suggestion, though.  I want to tangle on some glass Christmas ornaments - what pen will work the best?  Will the micron I normally use work?   Thanks for your help! 
    Have a great day and hope your week is wonderful!

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