Friday, September 21, 2012

Pinwheels for Peace

  What a fun challenge number 87 was!!  I loved playing with the pinwheel design.  I also got my classroom involved.  We had a blast Friday afternoon making pinwheels.  Then we went out to the front of the school and displayed them on the lawn.  Our school secretary even made several to put on the lawn with ours.  What fun!  Thanks, Diva!
Third Grade Pinwheels for Peace
     I decided on just two tangles for the actual pinwheel.  Then I needed to add a way to put it in the "ground".  So I added a few more tangles.  A tiny pink peace symbol in the center and some pink chalk around the edges and voila, I am done!  Well, with this one.  Now I want to tangle a 3D one of my own.  And then there is one for my calendar . . . uh oh, this could get out of hand!
Pinwheel for Peace
   Even though I missed the two celtic knot challenges, I thought I would show them here.  I had lots of fun playing with the color Judy wanted us to.  Can you tell my favorite color is purple?  Pretty obvious.
Celtic Knot #4 
Celtic Knot #5
     Hope your week is going great!  Have a good week-end!  Until next challenge . . .


  1. All three tiles are beautiful! I am so in love with celtic knots! The pinwheel is beautiful and all the school children made this challenge very impressive indeed!

  2. Beautiful, all three. I love the tird one most to be honest. What a great idea to do this pinwheel with your class.

  3. How cyte, the third graders' pinwheel park! and your creation is lovely.

  4. Well done Cathy, they all look great.

  5. your pinwheel rocks! great choice of patterns, and the peace sign in the middle is fabulous!


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