Saturday, September 15, 2012

Challenge #86 - Breaking Free

    I loved this challenge!  Actually I loved it the moment I read the title!  Laura, this is an awesome one.  Sometimes, I feel my tiles get "boxed in".  So this gives me the excuse reason to break free!  It did take me awhile this week to complete.  Several reasons for that.  One of them was my idea.  I knew the moment I read the Diva's directions exactly what I wanted to do.  Now that doesn't happen too often.  I knew I wanted three tiles on a large piece of paper (8x10) and let them all break free and interlock.  That was my plan.  The other reasons, this was my first full week back with children, papers to grade, etc. 
Breaking Free
   I hope everyone has had a wonderful week.  I surely have.  This has been an exciting week at school.  I have started a classroom blog where my children can post.  They are loving it!  I have them begging, yes you read that right, to write.  They even got upset with me when we didn't have time to write yesterday!  Can you believe that?!  They also are writing at home - a lot!  I love it.  If you are interested in seeing their posts, go to  and check it out.  You won't be able to leave comments there, but I will share any you leave here with my kids. 
     Have a great week!  Thank you for any comments you leave - they are so appreciated!


  1. this is just so cool. fabulous idea. well executed. =)

  2. wonderful execution of the assignment.
    Love the flow and interlocking idea

  3. A great zia!
    And the blog for the children is a great idea. I red some of their remaks and love the way they express temselves.

  4. Awesome is the word! I love the originality of your design and you've done such beautiful, detailed work! Great tangles, and I LOVE your blue string!

  5. Love your 3 tiles in one concept, beautiful job.


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