Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

   I hope everyone has had a happy Easter.  I surely have.  What a wonderful spring break it has been - great weather.  I have really enjoyed being able to get outside with Lakota, sleep late, and tangle whenever I wanted.  Now back to reality tomorrow. 
  I have been having a blast with my tangle organizer by Genevieve Crabe.  I had been looking for an organized way to store the ideas I have gathered, so when it came on Wednesday I was super excited.  I have been transferring all the patterns I have gathered into this jewel of a book.  I love the organization it gives me.  Also by going back and looking at tangles as I transfer them, I am getting so many ideas I want to try.  I wish I knew how to do a link ( I will someday, I promise) so if you are interested go to and check out this great resource.  There are four styles and a neat weekly planner.  I chose type 4.  It seemed to be more what I needed, but they are all nice.

I haven't just been organizing - I also have been tangling.  The one above I just wanted to play with some of my favorites.  Sort of looks like a squid tangled all around that.

Sticking with my ocean feel, I used tangles that have something to do with water things (in a loose sort of way).  I call this one "Nautical" in my mind.
      Hope you have a wonderful week and thanks for dropping by.  I can't wait to see Diva's challenge tomorrow morning, even if I know that with being back in school I won't get my work posted as quickly.  Ah well.     


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