Friday, April 27, 2012

Earth Day (Challenge #67)

  I love the theme of this challenge!  I love organic and earthy tangles and colors.  I had just finished a favorite piece of mine for Erin Olsen's Zendala Dare that I had named La Mer (the sea).  So I decided when Diva gave us this challenge to do the "sister" tile.  I used the same template and began my search for tangles to use.  I think verdigogh looks like pine, so that was a given.  Then I went to one of my favorites - betweed.  I use that tangle a lot.  It just really appeals to me.  It also can look like a pine cone in my opinion. 
La Terre
  After that I did my routine sit and look thing.  I just couldn't decide what to use.  I said I love organic tangles, however usually I find myself using more graphic ones.  I found bauer in Totally Tangled by Sandy Bartholomew.  A little bit of pokeroot and some keeko for good measure and I feel it is complete.  Now I can't decide whether I should add more color.  I have a tiny bit of sepia, but those berries just seem to be shouting "color me red!"  What do you think?
     Check out my post - Zendala Dare #2 - to see La Terre's sister.  My brother seems to think I need two more - I have done earth and water.  He thinks to complete the group I need fire and air.  I just don't know what tangles they bring to mind.   Yet.
     Hope your week has been a great one!  Thanks for dropping by and visiting!


  1. Love this. Your shading, touch of color and tangle choices are perfect! It is a beautiful tile! (I hope you will share the others with us as well).

  2. You achieved a wonderful 3D effect. Lovely zendala.

  3. this really looks oriental to me and i love it! your keeko really makes the poke flowers pop :)

  4. Very, Very beautiful. What size did you use for the tile?
    Your piece has inspired me to try some zendalas now!


    1. I chose the smaller circle template. Sort of wish I had worked larger, but oh well.


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