Friday, February 17, 2012

Challenge 58

     This week's challenge was fun!  I loved the diamond logo used for pediatric cancer.  This logo is used by The Four Diamonds Fund set up by Charles and Irma Millard to help cancer patients in honor of their own son Christopher, who lost a battle with cancer in 1972.  The "shield" comes from a story which Christopher wrote about a knight, Sir Millard, having to overcome obstacles in order to earn Courage, Wisdom, Honesty, and Strength.  Penn State University is getting ready to have a dance marathon to raise money for this worthy cause.  I took some time and went to read parts of Christopher's story - moving. 
     Many years ago, I was fortunate enough to have in my classroom a wonderful child named Rebekah.  She was bright, spunky and a bundle of energy - most days.  Other days, you could see the pain, but still her dynamo spirit shone through.  She was battling leukemia.  I learned so much from this precious 7 year old.  I never heard her say a word of complaint.  She just smiled, laughed and kept going.  A few years after she was in my room, she lost her battle.  I will always carry a part of her with me. 
    As I worked with this challenge, I thought of Rebekah and the many children like her.  My diamond is not exactly the logo, but I did try to keep to using mostly diamond tangles.  I did have a goof on the area with Yincut, then tried to "fix" it.  I am not happy with the edge of it, but "no mistakes" right?! 
     I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day.  I sure did - nothing beats sharing the holiday with 17 second graders!  Seriously, they are so sweet and full of love.  I got so many hugs and cute little cards.  The next day I went to a retirement seminar.  As I listened, I thought how different my life will be when I don't have a crew of children to party with.  Some good things, yes, but sort of sad to think about.  Oh well, that may have to be a few years away anyway. 


  1. What a glorious idea for your diamond challenge! I love the movement and that the other tangles are moving through the diamond!

  2. It's nice to see another interpretation - your bands of different diamond tangles going through a diamond is refreshing, and inspiring. Love it!

  3. I love your tile, full of movement and flow. All your heart tiles are lovely and your share is so sweet.

  4. Love your tile! The way the tangles come through the diamond it beautiful!

  5. Your work is fabulous, I love the composition on the diamond piece. Thank you for sharing your story of Rebekah... I can see the love you have for your children in your work.

  6. Gorgeous work! Love the way the tangles flow through diamond! Thank you for sharing your experiences with us.


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