Friday, February 10, 2012

Challenge 57 - Sanibelle

     What a hectic week it has been!  I teach second grade and it has been "one of those weeks".  A good week, but really hectic.  So I have particularly enjoyed the tranquility of a few moments with Tricia Faraone's tangle - Sanibelle.  It was a walk in a fairy garden, with unusual plants and mushrooms.  I love this tangle and the flowing feel it has.  To me, it is very calming - like a garden.  I loved the moments I spent in this magical place. . . . . ah, and then back to reality.
     It's hard to believe but this past Feb. 8th, Lakota turned 3 years old.  Where does time go?  I am certain that it was only yesterday he was a baby.  Of course, since he was such a rambunctious baby, I am glad it was yesterday.  He has become such a wonderful dog.  Incredibly smart and oh so stubborn.  His newest quirk is to go outside and refuse to come in.  As you could guess, he only does this when you are in a hurry.  Any other time he comes whenever you call.  Oh, the joys of "parenthood"!!


  1. I love your Sanibelle and I love your Lakota, too.

  2. Your Sanibelle is a beautiful botanical study! Happy Birthday to Lakota. We are making our way to Harley's first birthday. Dogs definitely sharpen your sense of humor (required if you are going to raise one).

  3. The garden of your sanibelle is a lovely peaceful place!

  4. A very beautiful and unusual interpretation of sanibelle. It reminds me of a tropical fern.

  5. A very harmonic picture! Lovely!


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