Saturday, February 4, 2012

Challenge 56 - Non Dom

     When I was younger I heard my Grandma say "Their left hand doesn't know what their right hand is doing."  Yep.  That was surely the case when I read the challenge for this week.  Truly my left hand was clueless.  I can barely hold a pencil (or pen) with my left hand.  In fact to even start drawing, I had to take the pen and position it with my right hand.  My brother, who is left-handed, got a good laugh at me and my struggles. 
     I really started not to even try, but I love a challenge.  Even one as difficult as this one, so I persevered.  I did decide to let my right hand show the way things should be.  So I drew one tangle with my right hand, then drew the mirror image with my left.  Everything my right did, my left copied.  That made it easier to me.  It was also fun to compare the two.  I mounted them both on black cardstock so the pair could be displayed.  Sort of neat looking, I think.


  1. Very interesting approach! I love how the tiles "work" together.

  2. Very nice to see the dominant hand and non-dominant hand together to see.Voor many it was no easy task!

  3. What a great idea! I love your post!

  4. That was a really cool idea...I'm guessing you didn't use both hands at the same time? The tiles look really cool together!


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